Former Batman Arkham Developers Working on a New G.I. Joe Game

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  • A team of ex-Batman Arkham developers introduces a new vision for GI Joes gaming, by making the storyline more serious and concentrating on the well-known character, Snake Eyes.
  • The $1 billion video game investment made by Hasbro to develop the next G.I. Joe generation is an indication of a new epoch in the G.I. Joe gaming history.
  • As Atomic Arcade has been striving to fill the void of AAA G.I. Joe games, the thrill gets even bigger as the upcoming release is sure to exceed the fans’ expectations.

Former creators of the renowned Batman Arkham series are now putting their efforts into relaunching G.I. Joe in the realm of video games. Atomic Arcade which is being led by the creative director behind Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham games, Ames Kirshen, has set high expectations for a brand new and exciting reinterpretation of G.I. Joe.

A new beginning for G.I. Joe gaming

While the history of the G.I. Joe franchise is like a legend for many game players, its attempts in video games are not liked by some people. Different mythology and several characters became the recognizable traits of that brand, but previous game adaptations could never bring the vibe of that brand into the gameplay, not worthy of the fans’ longing, looking for something from their childhood. On the other hand, In the case of Hasbro, the investment of $ 1 billion into the development of video games suggests that the trend might be shrinking.

Dan Ayoub the CEO of the digital product development at Wizards of the Coast of Hasbro has spilled out juicy info in an interview with GamesIndustry.biz. This title, the latest addition to the Atomic Arcade market, promises to usher in a new dimension to the world of G.I. Joe, with a darker tone compared to the traditional representation of the franchise. Ayoub’s phrase that this is not your “daddy’s G.I. Joe” means that it moves away from the comic nature of earlier versions and, hence, on to a more mature and thoughtful film.

The Snake Eyes promise

Image source HazzadorGamin X (formely twitter)

At the heart of the upcoming G.I. Joe game lies one of the franchise’s most enigmatic and compelling characters: “Snake Eyes”. Probably the most well-known of them all, Snake Eyes is the personification of each G.I. Joe: a master of his steel-framed attitude and a fighter who is simply superior to everyone else. The film Atomic Arcade uses its central narrative of a celebrity character to dive more deeply into his past story and the multifaceted nature of his life in a world in which violence and mystery prevails.

The choice of Snake Eyes as the main character is part of a strategy that will make the players part of the action and also engulf them in the thrilling and daring adventures of the character. From the experience of veteran Batman: Arkham developers directing the new game, the audience can anticipate a polished gameplay that will fully honor the great reputation of Snake Eyes in the G.I. Joe mythic story.

Expectations in the middle of industry trends

The newest title by Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad video game has created a stir in the fan base and therefore it is shifting to a different direction to bring the studio back to its former fame. The G.I. Joe game made by Atomic Arcade in the aspect of manufacturing and programming is as innovative as their past, and also franchise history is excellent in portraying earlier released video games.

The announcement of the new G.I. Joe game developed by Atomic Arcade, helmed by ex-Batman Arkham developers has lit the way for enthusiasm among fans. What makes the upcoming title special is its promise to offer a more realistic approach to the franchise and an emphasis on the only distinctive character in the army of G.I. Joe, Snake Eyes. As the industry eagerly awaits further details, one thing is certain: the Atomic Arcade team will show in its game that it will touch the hearts of old fans as well as the ones who will discover it for the first time.

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