Unusual Discovery in Spider-Man 2’s New Game Plus Mode Sparks Internet Frenzy


  • Fans discovered a funny detail in Spider-Man 2’s New Game Plus mode where Peter’s Symbiote Suit looks like poop.
  • The internet reacted with memes and jokes, with some fans threatening to boycott if “Poop Man” is removed.
  • Despite the quirky discovery, players still enjoy the added features in the game’s latest update.


Fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 were recently treated to the addition of the highly anticipated New Game Plus mode in the latest update, allowing players to restart the main campaign with all previously unlocked features. However, a peculiar detail discovered while playing with Peter Parker’s alien Symbiote Suit has ignited a viral sensation across social media platforms.

Bizarre detail uncovered

Upon donning Peter Parker’s Black Symbiote costume in Spider-Man 2’s New Game Plus mode, players encountered an unexpected twist during the game’s exhilarating opening sequence. As Peter and Miles battle the rampaging Sandman amidst a swirling sandstorm, eagle-eyed players notice an unusual effect on the Symbiote Suit. Sand particles cling to the costume, resulting in a peculiar appearance resembling fecal matter, as pointed out by Twitter user Lukec1605.

The discovery of Peter’s altered appearance, now humorously dubbed “Poop Man” by fans, has sparked a wave of memes and playful speculation across social media platforms. Users like TrafalgarLog have embraced the unexpected phenomenon, jokingly threatening to boycott future DLC if the unconventional hero is removed in a future patch.

Impact on Spider-Man 2 community

Despite the initial amusement surrounding “Poop Man,” fans have continued to enjoy the added features introduced in Spider-Man 2’s New Game Plus mode. The ability to alter the time of day while exploring New York City’s open world and customize the color of Peter’s Symbiote tendrils post-story completion has been greatly appreciated.

While the discovery of “Poop Man” may have been an unintended consequence of the game’s attention to detail, it serves as a testament to the level of intricacy that Insomniac Games has brought to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. As players continue to explore the game’s content, it’s clear that even the most surprising can contribute to the community’s enjoyment of this beloved superhero title.

This article sheds light on the unusual discovery made by fans while playing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s newly-added New Game Plus mode. The unexpected detail, dubbed “Poop Man,” has sparked a frenzy across social media platforms, with fans embracing the humorous twist in the game’s narrative. Despite the initial amusement, players continue to enjoy the additional features introduced in the latest update, highlighting the ongoing dedication of both developers and fans to the Spider-Man 2 community.

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