Unlocking Freeman’s Lost Treasure Investigation


  • Befriend pirates, finish missions, find treasure in the East Indies.
  • Hunt clues, dig at glowing sites, and claim the loot.
  • Get rich with treasure and cool cosmetics in Skull and Bones.

Pirates lurking in the Sainte-Anne starting area hold the key to unlocking one of Skull and Bones’ most compelling mysteries: Freeman’s Lost Treasure. Players can glean invaluable information from these seafaring rogues by greasing their palms with a modest sum of Silver.

Identified on the map with a distinct purple icon labeled as “Rumor,” these pirates offer crucial insights into the whereabouts of Freeman’s Lost Treasure. Initiating dialogue with them sets off a chain of events, kickstarting Freeman’s Lost Treasure Investigation under the Knowledge tab’s Investigations menu.

Embarking on the hunt

Freeman’s Lost Treasure remains shrouded in secrecy until players diligently complete seven separate Investigations, each unveiling vital clues leading closer to the coveted prize. These Investigations are scattered across diverse locales, prompting players to traverse the vast expanses of Skull and Bones’ immersive world. Each Investigation presents challenges and revelations from the treacherous waters of the Western Basin off the Coast of Africa to the bustling hub of Oosten Capital in the East Indies.

While some Investigations are readily accessible through interactions with pirates and the discovery of specific notes, others remain elusive until players progress through major story missions. Patience and persistence are paramount as players gradually piece together the Freeman’s Lost Treasure puzzle. Each completed investigation brings players closer to uncovering the treasure’s location, culminating in a thrilling series of clues and revelations.

Discovering Freeman’s Lost Treasure

Upon the culmination of all seven Investigations, players are tasked with deciphering the amassed clues in their journal. This compendium of knowledge directs players to the Bukit Candi Outpost nestled in the East Indies, just north of the Telok Penjara locale. Here, amidst the bustling activity of the outpost, lies a discreet grave site illuminated by a conspicuous red beam of light emanating from the ground. With keen eyes and steady hands, players excavate the treasure chest, revealing the long sought-after Freeman’s Lost Treasure.

The culmination of the arduous quest for Freeman’s Lost Treasure rewards players with more than just material wealth. In addition to the fabled treasure chest, players unlock the Iron Will cosmetic, a testament to their resilience and determination. Furthermore, a substantial bounty of 10,000 Silver awaits, alongside valuable resources, including 15 Fine Akaba, 15 Zinc Ingot, 15 Juniper Plank, five Sheet Glass, and five Screw Mechanism. Such riches serve as a testament to the fruits of perseverance and strategic prowess in the treacherous waters of Skull and Bones.

Navigating the high seas

Skull and Bones’ Freeman’s Lost Treasure presents players with a multifaceted and immersive quest, blending exploration, strategy, and intrigue elements. As players navigate the high seas, they uncover secrets buried beneath the waves, forging their legend amidst the tumultuous backdrop of piracy and adventure. With each clue unearthed and each challenge overcome, players inch closer to the elusive treasure, embodying the spirit of adventure and discovery that defines the world of Skull and Bones.

Freeman’s Lost Treasure is a testament to the depth and complexity of Skull and Bones’ gameplay experience. From the clandestine dealings with pirates to the pulse-pounding excitement of uncovering buried riches, the quest for Freeman’s Lost Treasure offers players an unparalleled journey through the high seas. With determination and resourcefulness, players can chart their course to glory, etching their mark upon the annals of pirate lore in Skull and Bones.

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