University of Camagüey Pioneers Advancements in AI and Technology in 2023


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  • UC advances in AI and tech, earning national recognition.
  • UC boosts digital infrastructure, plans for diverse academic growth in 2024.
  • UC’s projects drive socio-economic development, focusing on sustainability.

The University of Camagüey (UC), a prominent educational institution in Cuba, has made significant strides in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology throughout 2023. UC’s advancements have not only elevated its status but also contributed to various sectors including energy, agriculture, construction, and meteorology. Rector Santiago Lajes Choy highlighted key accomplishments including the enhancement of energy production and distribution, advancements in cattle reproduction, innovative building models, and sophisticated weather prediction techniques.

These technological breakthroughs have been instrumental in UC’s recognition at a national level. In 2023, the university was honored with six awards from the Cuban Academy of Sciences and received 12 national commendations. These accolades are a testament to the high-quality research and innovation fostered at UC.

Expanding infrastructure and future goals

The infrastructure at UC has seen a substantial upgrade to support its burgeoning AI and tech initiatives. Presently, the university boasts a network of 34 professional servers and over 2,000 interconnected computers. These facilities are equipped with high-speed Internet, RedUniv browsing capacity, and various communication tools including FTP and videoconferencing. This digital infrastructure underpins the work of more than 25,000 users, ranging from students to faculty.

Looking ahead to 2024, UC has set ambitious goals. The university plans to graduate over 1,700 professionals, with a focus on expanding its academic portfolio. New degree courses in Electrical Engineering and Agronomy, along with master’s programs in Tourism Management, Regional Development, Science and Innovation Management, Socio-educational Inclusion, and Methodology of Sports Training for High-Performance Athletes, are on the horizon. Furthermore, a doctoral program in Accounting and Financial Sciences is set to launch, broadening the university’s academic offerings.

Leading socioeconomic development through innovation

UC is not just an educational institution but also a leader in driving socioeconomic development through its innovative projects. With 12 municipal university centers and 10 schools, UC is at the forefront of 104 projects and eight innovation programs. These initiatives are focused on critical areas such as food sovereignty, energy efficiency, housing construction, sustainable tourism development, and digitalization.

These projects reflect UC’s commitment to addressing the pressing needs of Cuban society through technology and innovation. By integrating AI and technology into various sectors, UC is playing a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future for the nation.

The University of Camagüey has emerged as a beacon of innovation and technological advancement in Cuba. Through its significant contributions in AI and technology, UC is not only enhancing the academic landscape but also driving meaningful change in various sectors of society. The university’s vision for 2024 and beyond promises to further cement its status as a leader in education and innovation.

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