UniSat Wallet launches developer services with advanced Bitcoin and ordinal tools

UniSat Wallet launches developer services with advanced Bitcoin and ordinal tools


  • UniSat Wallet has launched a developer service, enabling community developers to explore Bitcoin and ordinals through various APIs.
  • Developers can request a free-plan API key for building wallet applications, browsers, and more, with tiered rate limits for API calls.
  • The service paves the way for innovative applications in blockchain technology, including automated trading robots, Ordinals, and BRC-20 block explorers.

The UniSat Wallet, an open-source Chrome extension for Bitcoin ordinals and BRC-20, has ushered in a new era for community developers with the launch of its comprehensive developer services. This initiative opens the doors to a world rich with opportunities in Bitcoin and ordinals. Developers are now equipped to deploy their own inscribing services, craft wallet applications, and develop unique browsers. The expansive API provided by UniSat Wallet fosters a fertile ground for innovation and creativity in the blockchain space​​.

Access and limitations: A closer look

To access these services, developers need to obtain an API key, which UniSat Wallet offers through a simple email request, starting with a free-plan option. This key is the gateway to exploring the various functionalities available within the UniSat ecosystem​​.

The service includes distinct endpoint URLs for the Mainnet, with specific addresses for both general access and a whitelist-only option. This structured approach ensures a streamlined and secure development environment for users of the UniSat Wallet services​​.

UniSat Wallet has also established rate limits to ensure optimal performance and accessibility. The free tier allows up to 5 API calls per second, capped at 10,000 calls per day, while the standard tier doubles this capacity. For developers requiring higher limits, UniSat offers dedicated plans, tailoring its services to diverse development needs and scales​​.

A leap forward for blockchain technology

This launch signifies a significant step forward in blockchain technology, offering unparalleled tools and resources to the developer community. UniSat Wallet’s initiative not only fosters innovation but also strengthens the fabric of the blockchain and Bitcoin ecosystems. As developers delve into the capabilities of this service, the potential for new applications, including automated trading robots, Ordinals, BRC-20 block explorers, and engaging blockchain-based games, becomes vast and exciting. 

Last month, UniSat Wallet revealed its BRC20-swap testnet to transform how users engage with blockchain technology, thus improving crypto transactions.

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