Undeclared Crypto Wallets To Attract Jail Time in Russia

undeclared crypto wallets

Russia’s finance ministry has proposed a new law that will see crypto holders and traders who own undeclared crypto wallets levied with fines or go to jail.

In a report submitted by Kommersant, a news outlet based in Russia, the Ministry of Finance says that those found guilty of owning undeclared crypto wallets would go to jail for three years

According to local news outlets, the main aim of the new proposal was to force investors to pay tax on digital assets. Crypto traders who receive up to $1,300 and above in digital assets every year would be required to submit their account activities to authorities. Furthermore, offenders still stand a high risk of losing almost 30% of their total transactions, provided it reaches the earmarked limit of $650.

Owners of undeclared crypto wallets with transactions of $13,000 would go to jail

Crypto traders who receive payments of $13,000 per year would bear the brunt of the authorities the most. Majorly they would stand a higher chance of going to jail for three years or undergo community service. 

Member of the Russian Association of Lawyers, Roman Yankovsky, said the bill regarding undeclared crypto wallets was being blown out of proportion. Roman is a lawyer in the division that supports digital economies. In his chat with Kommersant, the lawyer said that most crypto enthusiasts would take the law with a pinch of salt.

Russia is making moves to block crypto activities

Furthermore, Anatoly Aksakov, the person in charge of regulating the crypto laws, has said that the regulations would be ready in the coming days. He hinted that the country’s capital was trying to block crypto activities instead of banishing it outrightly. 

According to the words of Aksakov, the approved laws would begin to be enforced by the first week of January 2021. He also said the new undeclared crypto wallets proposal is a way that the country uses to try to block crypto trading across the country. 

Kamsi King

Kamsi King

King Kamsi is a fintech and digital currency writer and enthusiast. He is keenly interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency and their global adoption. When not busy with writing, he can be found hobnobbing in forums with the best minds in crypto, both developers and startup founders.

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