Ulbricht-owned NFT receives Ethereum bids worth millions

Ulbricht owned NFT

TL; DR Breakdown

  • Ulbricht-owned NFT receives bids in million.
  • User bids $2.4 million for the NFT.
  • Ulbricht wants to use his NFT to help jailed inmates.

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs, as they are called, have become as integral as the usual digital assets. Although the centralized sector is still above when it comes to trades, the NFT sector is challenging those figures. Some days ago, incarcerated Silk Road founder, Ross Ulbricht through some supporters, announced that he was selling his NFT series. Subsequently, the Ulbricht-owned NFT have gone on sale, and users are now trooping in to purchase the NFTs for millions in the second digital asset, Ethereum.

User bids 666 Ethereum for the Ulbricht-owned NFT

According to the earlier announcement, the piece on sale featured all of Ulbricht’s life’s work before he went to jail. The other parts of the NFT also featured his story, from when he was first apprehended to when he was sentenced to jail. According to Superrare, the platform helping Ulbricht showcase his work and eventually sell it has been massive bids for all the pieces.

Taking to Twitter, the platform announced that as of December 3, the highest bid so far for the piece was 666 Ethereum. According to one Ethereum today, the said amount is valued at more than $2 million. Talking about the whole piece after the insane bid, Swan Studios’ creative director took to Twitter to tell his followers that the piece was very inspiring. He noted that the perspective from Ulbricht’s paintings was very inspiring. He also said that he believes that the Silk Road founder will be freed from prison one day.

Ulbricht wants to help fellow inmates with art

Asides from the heavy bid that the Ulbricht-owned NFT has enjoyed in the market, there has been word from PleasrDAO, a platform that wants to cut the whole piece into fractions. In its statement, the platform’s founder mentioned that because of Ross Ulbricht, many people knew about Bitcoin and crypto, and he is in custody today due to the same assets.

The platform wants to help Ulbricht get freedom and pardon from his crimes and has announced that it will launch a Free Ross DAO in favor of Ulbricht. The platform wants users to come together and raise funds from the NFT so that Ulbricht can fight for his freedom. Presently, the project has generated a massive wave in the crypto sector, amassing a value of $4.2 million. PleasrDAO aims to help Ulbricht get freedom, fight for a reform of the prison system, and eventually allow traders to hold small amounts of the said artwork. Ulbricht also said he intends to help inmates in prison, and use his art to speak out for them.

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