Ukraine Unveils AI Regulation Roadmap to Foster Innovation and Safeguard Human Rights


  • Ukraine unveils comprehensive AI regulation roadmap to foster innovation and protect human rights.
  • Roadmap includes two phases: preparation and alignment with European AI standards.
  • Collaboration with IT Ukraine Association and TopLead agency highlights Ukraine’s commitment to tech ecosystem growth.

Ukraine has taken a significant step towards regulating the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence (AI) with the unveiling of a comprehensive roadmap by Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, who also serves as the Minister for Digital Transformation. This roadmap is designed to provide a clear framework for AI development, business growth, and the protection of human rights in the AI ecosystem.

Vice Prime Minister Fedorov emphasized the inevitability of AI’s impact on society and the need for Ukraine to establish clear rules governing its development and usage. “Artificial intelligence is an inevitable trend. Therefore, Ukraine needs clear rules to develop business and protect human rights in interaction with AI,” he stated.

This forward-looking approach aims to position Ukraine as a competitive player in the global AI landscape, attract investments, and foster operational experience. Simultaneously, it aims to create a safe digital environment for individuals interacting with AI-powered systems.

A bottom-up approach

The roadmap developed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation is rooted in a bottom-up approach, designed to address the needs and concerns of various stakeholders within the AI ecosystem. It comprises two distinct phases to ensure a gradual and well-informed transition into AI regulation.

In the first phase, the roadmap focuses on providing businesses with essential tools and guidance to prepare for future AI regulation. This phase includes:

1. Assessing the impact on human rights

One of the fundamental aspects of this phase involves assessing the impact of AI technology on human rights. This proactive approach aims to identify potential risks and challenges early on, ensuring that the rights and dignity of individuals are safeguarded throughout AI development and deployment.

 2. Voluntary codes of conduct

Businesses will be encouraged to voluntarily adopt codes of conduct that align with ethical AI principles. These codes will set standards for responsible AI development and usage, fostering a culture of ethical AI practices among Ukrainian companies.

3. Recommendations and White Book

The roadmap will also include the publication of recommendations and a White Book. These resources will serve as valuable references for businesses, offering insights into immediate actions and future expectations related to AI regulation in Ukraine.

Phase Two: Aligning with European standards

The second phase of the roadmap involves the adoption of a comprehensive AI law similar to the European AI Act. This strategic move is expected to bring Ukraine in line with the legal regimes of the European Union (EU) concerning artificial intelligence. Key objectives of this phase include:

1. Identical Legal Regimes with the EU

By adopting legislation akin to the European AI Act, Ukraine aims to create identical legal regimes with the EU in the field of artificial intelligence. This alignment will streamline cooperation with European partners, fostering collaboration and synergy in AI development and regulation.

2. Attracting investments

The harmonization of Ukrainian AI regulation with EU standards is anticipated to enhance the country’s attractiveness to international investors. A common legal framework with the EU will instill confidence in investors, spurring growth and innovation in the Ukrainian AI sector.

A collaborative effort

Ukraine’s commitment to AI regulation is a collaborative endeavor. The Ministry of Digital Transformation has partnered with the IT Ukraine Association and the TopLead agency to create the first catalog of Ukrainian IT companies and IT products. This initiative not only showcases the capabilities of Ukrainian tech firms but also serves as a testament to the country’s dedication to fostering a vibrant and competitive tech ecosystem.

The unveiling of Ukraine’s AI regulation roadmap marks a significant milestone in the country’s journey towards becoming a global AI powerhouse. By adopting a bottom-up approach, Ukraine is poised to balance the needs of businesses, the protection of human rights, and the alignment with international standards. As Ukraine progresses through the roadmap’s phases, it aspires to cultivate an AI environment that is both innovative and ethically sound.

In the coming years, as Ukraine moves closer to the adoption of AI legislation mirroring EU standards, the nation is primed to attract global investments and elevate its status in the international AI community. As AI continues to shape the future, Ukraine’s proactive stance on regulation underscores its commitment to responsible and forward-thinking AI development.

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