UCLA Receives $3 Million Grant to Develop AI for Prostate Cancer Detection


  • UCLA gets $3 million to develop AI for better prostate cancer detection, aiming to reduce unneeded treatments.
  • The project merges MRI, genetics, and biomarkers for precise cancer assessment, leading to personalized treatments.
  • This research aligns with ongoing efforts at UCLA to advance prostate cancer understanding and care.


The UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center has been awarded a substantial five-year, $3 million grant from the National Cancer Institute. The funding is set to catalyze the development of advanced AI-driven technology for the early detection and prediction of aggressive prostate cancer, ultimately aiming to reduce unnecessary treatments and their associated adverse effects.

Aiming for precision

Prostate cancer continues to pose a substantial health challenge for men worldwide. The existing methods for screening and assessing the risk of prostate cancer often result in overdiagnosis and overtreatment. Statistics show that approximately 90% of individuals diagnosed with prostate cancer undergo treatment, even though up to 60% of them may be suitable candidates for active surveillance.

This groundbreaking research initiative, spearheaded by Professor Corey Arnold, an expert in radiology, pathology, and laboratory medicine, seeks to revolutionize how we approach prostate cancer. Arnold and a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including Paul Boutros, Leonard Marks, Anthony Sisk, and Steven Raman, plan to integrate various data sources into a computational model. This model will merge magnetic resonance imaging, digital histology images, genetic information, and biomarkers, enabling a more precise assessment of a patient’s cancer status and the ability to forecast outcomes.

A shift towards personalization

The primary goal of this ambitious project is to furnish healthcare providers with more accurate insights into the nature of the prostate cancer they are dealing with. Doctors can craft tailored and targeted treatment plans by differentiating between aggressive and less aggressive forms of the disease. This, in turn, will significantly diminish the need for unnecessary interventions and mitigate their detrimental impact on patients’ quality of life.

Corey Arnold, who directs the UCLA Computational Diagnostics team, expressed optimism about the potential impact of this approach. “We expect this approach to be able to provide more accurate information about the nature of the cancer, helping doctors to distinguish between aggressive and less threatening forms. It will also allow for more personalized and targeted treatment plans, reducing unnecessary interventions and their associated negative effects on patients’ quality of life,” Arnold stated.

Complementing ongoing efforts

This groundbreaking research endeavor complements the broader landscape of prostate cancer-focused grants in radiology at UCLA. Faculty members Kyung Sung and Holden Wu have been instrumental in advancing research in this realm. Their contributions align with the overarching goal of improving the understanding and management of prostate cancer through innovative technologies and methodologies.

By leveraging AI and integrating various data sources, the research team aims to provide healthcare providers with more precise tools for distinguishing between aggressive and less aggressive forms of the disease. This will not only enable more personalized and effective treatment plans but also reduce the burden of unnecessary interventions on patients. In the journey to conquer prostate cancer, this grant represents a significant stride forward, and the future holds promising prospects for more accurate and compassionate care for those affected by this disease.

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