U.S. Treasury counters exaggerated crypto funding reports for Hamas


  • U.S. Treasury Undersecretary Brian Nelson testified that Hamas received far less support in digital assets than previously reported, challenging claims of significant cryptocurrency funding.
  • Nelson’s comments came during a House Financial Services Committee hearing, addressing misconceptions and confirming the Treasury’s focus on the misuse of digital assets in terrorism financing.
  • Despite earlier exaggerated reports, the Treasury is seeking additional tools and resources from Congress to combat illicit finance in the virtual asset market.

In a recent testimony before the House Financial Services Committee, Brian Nelson, the U.S. Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, addressed the misconceptions surrounding the use of digital assets by the terrorist group Hamas. Contrary to earlier reports suggesting that Hamas had received tens of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency, Nelson provided a clarification that significantly downsizes the alleged scale of digital asset support.

Misconceptions about crypto and terrorism funding

The narrative that Hamas had significantly benefited from cryptocurrency funding emerged prominently after the group’s attacks in Israel last year, with initial media reports attributing vast sums of digital assets to their financing. However, this account faced scrutiny from cryptocurrency experts and was later challenged by data from blockchain analytics firms Elliptic and Chainalysis.

These analyses led to a revision of earlier reports, notably by the Wall Street Journal, which had initially cited the analytics firm Elliptic’s blog post. The Treasury’s testimony confirmed that the actual amount of cryptocurrency support Hamas received was far less substantial than previously believed.

“We don’t expect the number is very high,” Nelson stated, addressing the committee and countering the inflated figures that had circulated. This reassessment underscores the complexities of tracking and interpreting the flow of digital assets, particularly in the context of their use by terrorist groups.

The Treasury’s stance on digital assets and legislative efforts

Despite the overestimation of Hamas’s crypto funding, the U.S. Treasury remains focused on the broader implications of digital assets in financing terrorism. Nelson emphasized the need for additional tools and resources to combat the misuse of virtual currencies for illicit purposes effectively. This stance reflects a cautious approach to digital assets, acknowledging their potential misuse while recognizing the importance of accurate information in legislative and policy-making processes.

The hearing also highlighted concerns about the reliance on inaccurate data in legislative efforts. Representative Tom Emmer (R-Minn.) pointed out the impact of such misinformation on the development of regulations targeting the cryptocurrency industry, urging for a correction of the record to inform more balanced and informed policy decisions.

Nelson’s testimony and the ensuing discussion at the House Financial Services Committee meeting shed light on the ongoing debate around cryptocurrency and national security. By clarifying the extent of Hamas’s use of digital assets, the Treasury seeks to ensure that legislative and regulatory efforts are grounded in accurate data and a nuanced understanding of the technology’s role in global finance. This approach aims to balance the need for innovation in the digital asset space with the imperative to prevent their exploitation for terrorist activities.

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