Twitch streamer Sweet Anita takes a break due to multiple illnesses

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  • Sweet Anita announced she would be taking a break from streaming until she feels better. 
  • The Twitch streamer has been vocal over the years about her battle with Tourette’s syndrome.
  • Anita gained popularity through her engagement in games such as Overwatch and Apex Legends.

Sweet Anita announced she would take a streaming break due to her health condition. The streamer revealed on X that she was battling three illnesses and had been unable to function properly. Anita assured her fans she would return to streaming once she was ‘well again.’

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Sweet Anita, a popular Twitch streamer and commentator, announced on X that she would be taking an indefinite break from streaming. The Twitch streamer and game reactor is primarily known to her fans for playing Among Us and Overwatch. Anita said she’s taking a break due to her battle with three diseases, reducing her functionality.

Sweet Anita takes a medical-related break from Twitch 

Sweet Anita announced she would be taking a hiatus from Twitch for health reasons. The streamer did not reveal how long she would be gone. She did not mention the illnesses she was suffering from in the announcement either. 

At the onset of her career, she revealed to her fans that she suffered from a neurological disorder that often led to uncontrollable behavior. In the announcement, she revealed she was suffering from three illnesses that rendered her unable to function.

Anita’s streams are often viral on platforms such as TikTok where she shares her content with her 2.4 million followers. Her followers say they are often caught off guard by her tics and find her videos entertaining. Anita previously revealed that her Tourette’s syndrome makes her act unconventionally. She added the syndrome also affected her streaming career on YouTube.

Anita mentioned on her Twitch profile that her stream is only for mature audiences, as she is prone to saying inappropriate things due to her illness. Fans speculate that her autoimmune condition may have flared up and caused the illnesses she is currently suffering from.

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The streamer reportedly had to suspend her plans earlier this year after she was diagnosed with COVID-19, which barred her from attending the Streamers’ Awards. Fans have supported her move, encouraging her to take all the time she needs and wishing her a quick recovery.

Sweet Anita often shares health tips with her audience

Anita is popular for playing Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Among Us. Her fans said her streams are captivating due to the variety of topics she discusses. Anita often talks about adulthood and her struggles with Tourette’s syndrome.

I used to vape many years ago. But after researching what it can do to the body I decided to quit. It was hard going it alone so today I’m chatting about how I managed and working with @truthorange  to connect anyone in chat with help to quit too.

Sweet Anita 

Anita previously voiced that streaming is more welcoming to her condition than other conventional jobs that require a demanding schedule. She revealed that she did not intend to turn Twitch into a career and only joined the platform to interact and play games.


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