Turkey is leading Europe in cryptocurrency possession: survey

Crypto has been getting wide-scale recognition from all over the world, and it is no surprise that Europe is interested in crypto space too. To get a rough idea about the rates of acceptance and adoption of crypto in Europe a survey was conducted. This survey revealed that Turkey is a country that has the highest percentage of crypto ownership in the whole of Europe.

Many big conglomerates in Europe understand the benefits of crypto space adoption and are also very good at realizing how much potential this technology has. With that being said there are some countries that are not well aware of the crypto technology and even if they are they only know about the basics and not to the point where they are sure they feel comfortable to adopt the technology.

The survey was very simple and easy with basic questions like “do you own any cryptocurrency,” and the person was expected to answer with a yes or no only. According to this survey, about eighteen percent of Turkish citizens owned some amount of cryptocurrencies.

However, the individuals were not asked about the amount of money they owned in crypto. Alongside Turkey, there are countries like Romania, Poland, and Spain. They each had twelve, eleven and ten percent of people answer a yes to the said question.

This brings in the issue of Turkey not being a part of the EU officially. Turkey has made noticeable efforts to become a part of the EU, but the EU disagrees. The EU had decided to not even do business with Turkey, and it justifies its actions by saying that Turkey has a notable history of violating human rights and that many activists and journalist are jailed there.

Even though the EU denies Turkey being a part of the Europian Union many counties like Cyprus and Greece want Turkey to become a part of the EU. Only time will tell about whether the EU finally gives in and lets Turkey become a part of the EU or not.

Turkey is leading Europe in cryptocurrency possession: survey


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