TRX is going for $20m buy-back plan right after returning to top 10: Sun

Yesterday, Justin Sun – the head of Tron Foundation steered a live stream session with the TRX community, debating some significant matters and providing answering of the queries. One of the matters was Tron’s plan to initiate the buy-back program of TRX to focus on the secondary market.


In his blog, Tron stated that the platform’s space keeps burgeoning and swelling. In order to stimulate market constancy, Tron plans to buy back a part of TRX coins from circulation aiming at the secondary market and planning to assign approximately twenty million dollars ($20 M) for this purpose.

The blog also remarks that TRX foundation stocks will be revealed closely (in 2020). Though, the firm is not planning to use these TRX coins yet.

A big Tron follower has abridged the main points from Justin’s life which is provided below:


The major points would be;

  • $20M Tron buyback
  • BitTorrent Speed beta launch along with BitTorrent token wallet
  • Sun Network will provide infinite scalability
  • Tron team will be growing to six hundred people by the end of 2019.
  • niTROn Summit in Seoul next year (2020)
  • Warren Buffet launching Quince Restaurant

A few days ago, Tron has got its TRX back inside the top-ten coins’ list in terms of Coins Market Capital. Now TRX again holds the place at number ten, exchanging at zero point zero three nine zero dollars ($0.0390).