Trump: Bitcoin mining may be our “last line of defense”

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  • Former President Donald Trump wants the remaining Bitcoins to be mined in the USA.
  • The Republican presidential aspirant also committed to supporting Bitcoin miners, saying Bitcoin mining could be the USA’s “last line of defense.”
  • Bitcoin mining executives in the meeting claimed that the Bitcoin mining industry could strengthen the electrical grid and create many jobs.

Presidential aspirant Donald Trump held talks with Bitcoin mining stakeholders in his Florida residence. The crypto mining executives explained to Trump the benefits of Bitcoin mining to the U.S. economy. Trump mentioned that he wants “Bitcoin made in the USA.”

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The former president has doubled down on his support for Bitcoin, aligning with his self-proclaimed title as the “Crypto President.” Trump mentioned that he wanted all the remaining Bitcoin to be made in the USA, meaning he would like miners in the United States to be empowered to facilitate the mining of the remaining bitcoins.

On June 11th, Trump continued his crypto campaign on his Truth social media platform with pro-Bitcoin messages. The former president assured his supporters of his strong support for Bitcoin. In yesterday’s posts, the former president mentioned that Bitcoin mining would make the United States “Energy Dominant.”

Trump considers Bitcoin mining the “last line of defense”

The U.S. Presidential aspirant criticized President Biden’s “hatred” of Bitcoin in his message to his supporters. He mentioned that the current government’s hatred for Bitcoin and crypto in general gives an unfair advantage to China, Russia, and the Radical Communist Left.

The former president has continued to express his dislike for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). He mentioned that Bitcoin mining may be the “last line of defense” against CBDCs in his message.

The former president continues to be vocal about CBDCs despite Jerome Powell’s remarks about the state of CDBCs in the United States. The Chair of the Federal Reserve of the United States, Jerome Powell, has been quoted saying, “The U.S. is nowhere near recommending or let alone adopting a central bank digital currency in any form.”

The presumptive Republican candidate delivered the pro-Bitcoin mining message after the meeting with Bitcoin mining executives.

Bitcoin miners pitch to Donald Trump

The former Republican president had a meeting with crypto mining executives, including Riot Platform CEO Jason Les and Brian Morgenstern. CleanSpark executive chairman Mathew Schultz and TeraWulf board member Amanda Fabiano were also present.

The latter gave Crypto X (Twitter) a detailed overview of what the Bitcoin mining executives shared with Trump. Amanda Fabiano, a member of the TeraWulf board, mentioned that they encouraged the growth of the Bitcoin mining industry in America. She stated that Bitcoin mining will strengthen the electrical grid.

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Amando went on to mention that Bitcoin mining provides massive job opportunities, especially in small towns in the USA. She stressed that the United States currently requires politicians with a demonstrated interest in Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining.

The TerraWulf board member also highlighted that the session with Trump was extremely successful. She is hopeful that the education session will act as a stepping stone toward a revolutionary future with a major shift in perspective. She hopes that the dust settles so that Bitcoin miners can go back to what they do best: mining.


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