TRON will be getting a MainNet upgrade

TRON, one of the most popular cryptocurrency companies in the world has announced in a recent blog post that, there will be a new upgrade coming to its MainNet very soon.

At first glance at the upgrade, it can be easily seen that it’s directed towards revamping the security and usability of the TRON blockchain.

TRON’s core value is to be a hub for developers in the future. In fact, they openly support the creation of DApps on their platform, which will be mostly directed towards entertainment rather than some financially motivated issue.

TRON will continue its provision of tools for the developers, but the upgrade is still required. According to the blog post, this upgrade will enhance the protocol data, which will automatically detect any malicious software on the network or on the developer’s device.

The stability of the TRON blockchain will also be touched upon, in order to prevent any technical issues in the future, as TRON continues to grow.

Considering how important it is for TRON to have a flawless processing system, it’s absolutely imperative that the upgrade is performed. TRON’s best feature, when compared to other coins, is its fast processing capabilities, processing around 2000 transactions per second.