Tor browser funding proposed by Zcash Foundation

Tor browser funding proposed by Zcash Foundation

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The new round of Tor browser funding by the Zcash Foundation will help strengthen the network’s security credentials. The funding will see the Tor network scale its operations further to include more features. Developers at Tor will have to submit a detailed upgrade brief to secure the fifty thousand dollars ($50K) grant.

Tor network is well known to provide anonymous browsing services to millions of users globally. It masks IP addresses by bouncing the User’s IP address over thousands of layers on the Tor network making it impossible to reveal the true IP address. The proposed Tor browser funding will not only help scale the operations, but it will also increase the speed of the Tor browser and support more users on the network.

Tor browser funding to help scale operations and increase speed

The Zcash Foundation Tor browser funding is dependent on whether or not developers will able to provide specifics of the proposed upgrade. The detailed specification of the project will elaborate on how the browser aims to achieve more speed without compromising on security which is Tor’s characteristic feature. The proposal is known as the ‘Walking Onions Proposal,’ and it signifies the .onion domain of the Tor browser. The new proposal will decrease the data each user downloads to browse using their network.

The developers have to create a detailed roadmap explaining how the upgrade will be accomplished. The result of the upgrade will be a leaner Tor browser that serves more users while maintaining the word class anonymity characteristics it is famous for. Also, it will be able to support more third-party applications.

What hurdles can impede Tor browser funding

The Tor team has to cross some pretty steep hurdles before they can lay hands on the generous Zcash funding. Presently, Tor users have to download and update a huge router list regularly. Over time, this data increases manifold and causes speed issues.

A growing network can be bogged down by such enormous data. Furthermore, censorship passing method failures can cause the network to slow down further. If developers can find a way to get over this issue, the Zcash tor browser funding will be theirs.

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