Top cryptocurrencies: NEO, LTC leading; BTC, ETH and XMR chasing

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The over-all market cap of digital and cryptocurrencies has come closer to breaking below a hundred billion dollar ($100bn) scratch last year. Formerly, the emotion was very feeble, and every rally was sold on. Analysts were hopeless to see crypto highs again.

However, now, the total market cap is crawling towards three hundred billion marks. Each dip is bellicosely approved, and few cryptocurrencies even went on to set new heights. The sentiment has changed within a short span of time.

Let’s look at the top five players in cryptocurrency markets in present time:


The founder of NEO lately publicized a fresh hundred million dollars EcoBoost fund aimed at provision of backing to multiple ventures to build the NEO network. The initial stage of the venture has initiated, and certified cohorts will be enrolled. The current update of its algorithm to develop NEO 3.0 is predicted to be unveiled by 2020.

The NEO/USD duo has not revealed any sparklers while rising from the ashes. After a slight surge, it moves in into association before the future rise. This appears as an accretion by stronger hands. The price has persisted above the twenty-week EMA since the past three weeks, and the RSI indicator has assembled into the optimistic territory, showing bull’s dominance.

Presently, the duo is facing firm confrontation at the fifty-week SMA. If the mark is surpassed, a $25 move is likely.


LTC has sustainably performed well before the forthcoming halving event. Showing a sign of increasing acceptance, Glory kickboxing is accommodating and offering a chance to pick VIP ticket by paying via cryptocurrency. This acceptance is an optimistic sign. Though, after the lead-in, is it time to earn revenues or can it move further?

The duo has surpassed the confrontation line of the ascending frequency and is now trying to surpass the above opposition at one hundred and forty dollar mark. If it remained successful, it could surge to its target of one hundred and fifty-eight dollar ($158.91) mark, extending the upward move to one hundred and eighty-four dollars ($184.7940) mark.


BTC is blazing with violent buying at every dip. Few precarious news and events state that the growth in the futures trade testing on the Bakkt, trade war, end of the bears and the testified launch of Facebook’s stablecoin, etc.

The BTC/USD duo is appearing robust with twenty-week EMA ascending and the RSI indicator present in the overbought territory: suggesting that bulls are dominating the market. The duo has surpassed the recent high at nine thousand and fifty-three dollars ($9,053.12) and will now try to surpass next expected resistance of ten thousand dollars ($10,000).


Enigma unveiled its discovery link, and the designers are now able to construct devolved apps to be deployed instantly once Enigma goes live on ETH network. Initially, Coinbase added a course on the ETH- dependent DAI to its stage. This provides a chance for the fans to inquire about the token and earn DAI.

The ETH/USD duo is uniting coarsely between two hundred and twenty-five dollars and three hundred dollars ($225-$300) since the past three weeks posing an optimistic sign as the demand is near two hundred and twenty-five dollar mark. The moving averages are at the edge of a bullish limit, indicating a change in trend.


As said by Trend Micro, a web address is diffusing a botnet that sets up an XMR mining module and also has DDoS competences. Recently, the chief executive of Binance tweeted that if India successfully drives through the crypto bill, the crypto enthusiasts may turn to other privacy coins.

The XMR/USD duo has been combining between eighty-one dollars and a hundred dollars ($81-$100) since the past three weeks, displaying an optimistic sign. The cost has been constant above the moving averages, likely to complete a bullish limit. This will specify a modification in trend.

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