Top Crypto projects to look out for in Q4

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The cryptocurrency market is one marked by rapid change and development, giving it a bright future with its growth in the Web3 and blockchain spaces. As more and more use cases come to fruition and because the mass adoption of cryptocurrency is still in its nascency, cryptocurrency projects that are taking off now most likely will explode in the years to come. Here are some top crypto projects to look out for in the fourth quarter, including those already making big moves.

Avalanche ($AVAX), is a budding play-to-earn gaming ecosystem that creates Subnets. These Subnets are what they sound like; small sections of AVAX’s blockchain that can be programmed on and sectioned off. These sections can be shared, allowing multiple games to use the same features, and allowing community sharing along these subnet lines. Games like Rising Star, Pizza Game, and AVAXStars are all upcoming smart contract-based crypto games to keep an eye out for.

Chainlink ($LINK), is a crypto blockchain that provides oracle networks. Oracle networks connect to external systems anywhere on the greater internet. These bridge the gap between Web3 and Web2, allowing easier onboarding to the Web3 space for those not already on it. Chainlink’s oracle networks are the most accessible and popular in the current cryptocurrency sphere. In addition, LINK is supported by major financial powerhouses.

Kadena ($KDA), is a scalable, proof-of-work blockchain. It is a promising contender for one of the top layer-1 blockchain networks, especially before the inevitable bull market. The cryptocurrency offers high security, decentralization, and scalability for the expected surge of traffic that comes with the adoption of web3 in the coming years. Kadena is also written in an easy-to-understand language that also provides built-in bug detection to ensure smart contract safety, making it an attractive network for new developers.

Bored Ape Yacht Club ($APE) is one of the most influential NFT projects of all time, even despite the extensively negative public sentiment. The creators behind the project, Yuga Labs, are currently working on a metaverse project named Otherside. It’s currently being developed as a “gamified, interoperable metaverse.” It offers a blend of mechanics from popular categories of games and hangouts, such as massively multiplayer online role-playing games, MMORPGs, and web3 virtual worlds. Otherside is anticipated to become one of the hottest digital hangout spots in the coming years.

Metahero ($HERO), is a hardware company that calls itself the “portal to the metaverse.” Its defining product, a “portal,” is made of hundreds of tiny cameras. This allows it to scan any item, including you, and turn it into a 3D object that can be used as an NFT in the metaverse. This product has promised to revolutionize the 3D modeling industry, providing very high-quality models for little effort. In addition, users who upload exceptional models can get paid for others using their work—for example, scanning yourself and then selling the model of yourself to Hollywood to function as an extra in a movie.

3air ($3air) – The startup promises to do something big: connect Africa and bring over 1 billion unbanked individuals into the global economy. The company is working to provide high-speed broadband internet access across Africa while deploying on-the-ground services to help onboard newly connected internet users into the crypto space. To achieve these goals, 3air will use an NFT-based subscription model for both internet subscription services and decentralized finance. They also plan to establish high-quality wireless centers using K3 Last Mile technology, which has already been proven to work and has been deployed in 9 countries successfully.

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