Top 10 cryptocurrencies to pick or drop today

Top cryptocurrencies to pick or drop today

The top 10 cryptocurrencies to pick and avoid list aims to deliver the best and worst of the cryptocurrencies to help day traders make their decision.

Bitcoin is now recovering, and there is a clear change in top-performing cryptocurrencies from yesterday. Some of the top-grossing top 10 cryptocurrencies yesterday are not even on the chart, while others are reporting minor gains.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies to pick

Name Market Cap Available Coins Total Coins Trade Volume Change in 24 Hours
Matrix AI Network 25.073M 214.302M 214.302M 92.642K 60.27%
adToken 225.636K 794M 794M 662 54.28%
PolySwarm 2.123M 1.546B 1.546B 14.358K 42.51%
Mercury 918.838K 100M 100M 19.253K 36.66%
Primalbase Token 165.651K 1.25K 1.25K 1.089K 36.65%
Bancor 48.471M 69.149M 69.149M 45.722M 34.35%
Credits 10.043M 185.986M 249.471M 112.327K 28.27%
Bridge Protocol 65.803K 224.088M 450M 108 25.03%
Dovu 633.177K 456.892M 963.761M 685 23.54%
AirSwap 3.822M 150M 600M 1.922M 22.96%

Top 10 cryptocurrencies to avoid today

While the top-grossing list is marking a change, the top 10 cryptocurrencies list is also marking visible differences from yesterday. This time around the bottom listers is not much in losses as yesterday.

Name Market Cap Available Coins Total Coins Trade Volume Change in 24 Hours
PAL Network 82.888K 1.091B 1B 11 -31.59%
WeTrust 673.879K 14.796M 100M 1.852K -31.20%
SPINDLE 369.094K 214.302M 10B 867 -24.13%
Plair 3.972M 20.49M 50B 111 -23.04%
BlockStamp 4.417M 591.5M 33.913M 1.454K -20.78%
Morpheus Labs 3.163M 12.951M 747M 379.841K -19.13%
Sentinel Protocol 6.416M 691.71M 500M 554.322K -17.02%
Time New Bank 6.212M 348.38M 4.416B 1.626M -14.44%
Covesting 3.346M 12.682B 20M 32.637K -14.11%
Band Protocol 28.09M 16.528M 100M 16.056M -14.00%

All in all, the top 10 cryptocurrencies charts are tantamount to the fact that the cryptocurrency market is stabilizing, probably marking the good gains on the Bitcoin price chart.

Saad B. Murtaza

Saad B. Murtaza

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