Top 10 crypto airdrops from 2020 to 2023: Report

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  • Uniswap leads with a historic $6.43 billion airdrop in 2020, distributing 400 UNI tokens per user.
  •  Apecoin claims the second spot, distributing $3.54 billion APE tokens in 2022 to NFT owners.
  •  In 2023, Arbitrum takes the lead with a $1.97 billion airdrop of ARB tokens, focusing on enhancing Ethereum smart contract capabilities.

A crypto airdrop is a marketing strategy in the cryptocurrency space, and it is a unique way of distributing tokens or coins to active or existing holders. It is important to know that crypto airdrops also incentivize users who perform various tasks specific to a blockchain network. This marketing strategy to create awareness is usually common among blockchain startups and networks.

Without further ado, here are the top crypto airdrops from 2020 to 2023, according to Coingecko

#1: Uniswap ($6.43 Billion)

Uniswap has the biggest airdrop from 2020 to 2023. However, the blockchain protocol distributed about $6.43 billion worth of $UNI in September 2020. This airdrop is regarded as one of the biggest events in the crypto space, thus reigniting the airdrops that were first introduced in 2014.  

A specific group of crypto enthusiasts who engaged with the DEX were chosen to receive an airdrop. Each user was given 400 UNI tokens valued between $2 and $4. The token’s value surged to an all-time high of $44.92 per unit in May 2021, resulting in huge profits for the airdrop recipients.

#2: Apecoin ($3.54 Billion)

The second biggest airdrop is Apecoin. This blockchain network, owned and operated by ApeCoin, distributed about $3.54 billion worth of $APE tokens in March 2022.

However, Yugu Labs’ NFT owners were rewarded with 10,950 APE tokens, valued at $258,737, as part of the Apecoin airdrop. 

#3: DYDX (2 Billion)

The third biggest airdrop in the crypto industry from 2020 to 2023 is dYdX. The blockchain network distributed about $2 billion worth of tokens in September 2021, valued at $26.80. With that in mind, the complete value of these airdropped tokens can only be unlocked in five years. 

#4: Arbitrum ($1.97 Billion) 

Arbitrum is regarded as the biggest airdrop in 2023. The blockchain— designed to improve the capabilities of Ethereum smart contract— distributed about $1.97 billion ARB tokens in March 2023, valued at $1.69. The blockchain airdrop was more than 2x bigger than its competitor Optimism (OP), which distributed about $0.67 billion tokens. 

#5: Ethereum Naming Service ($1,879 Billion)

Coming fifth on the list is the Ethereum Naming Service (ENS). The blockchain network distributed about $1.879 billion ENS tokens at $85 in November 2021. As per the statistics provided by Dune Analytics, around 137,689 addresses met the requirements to claim the airdrop. Of these, 62,634 addresses completed the process and claimed approximately 49.72% of the available supply.

#6: Internet Computer ($1,737 Billion)

Internet Computer distributed about $1,737 billion tokens to its users in May 2021. It is important to know that the ICP airdrop involves about 50,000 participants, each receiving 2,513 tokens. Again, about 10.50% (49,268,690 tokens) were allocated to the node operators on the blockchain network.

#7: Bonk ($1,325 Billion)

Bonk token comes seventh in the biggest airdrops in the crypto market, distributing about $1,325 billion. Launched in late 2022, the crypto surged to its ATH of $0.000025 in December 2023. BONK has single-handedly carried the Solana network from its 2022 low of ~$8.

#8: Celestia ($728 Million) 

In 2023, Celestia (TIA) organized a significant cryptocurrency airdrop, which distributed $0.73 billion worth of TIA tokens on October 31, 2023, at the highest token price of $13.99. Unlike similar events, the TIA airdrop did not offer ‘farming’ mechanisms. Instead, the organizers targeted specific groups of beneficiaries, such as developers and researchers who contributed to public goods and essential protocol infrastructure, active users on Ethereum rollups, and stakers and IBC relayers associated with Cosmos Hub and Osmosis.

#9: LooksRare ($712 Million) 

The LooksRare distributed about $712 million tokens in the crypto market in 2022. Users who traded at least 3 ETH on OpenSea between June 16th, 2021, and December 16th, 2021, were eligible to claim up to 10,000 LOOKS tokens.

#10: 1inch Network ($671 Million)

1inch Network distributed about $671 million tokens to its network users in December 2023. Again, 1incha airdropped about an additional pool of 15,055,000 1INCH to Mooniswap, Uniswap, Gnosis, and Argent users.  

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