Exclusive – Gasless Non-Custodial USDT Payments Go Live on TON With Tonkeeper Mobile and W5  Wallet

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  • Tonkeeper launches gasless USDT payments on TON in partnership with W5 Wallet.
  • The gasless USDT payment system simplifies the transaction process so that users can pay network fees using the same token they are transferring.
  • Blockchain fees for gasless operations with other tokens and NFTs can be covered using Tonkeeper’s existing Battery feature.

USDT has become one of the most-relied on stablecoins. Tonkeeper and W5 Wallet have developed a “gasless” way to aid USDT payments on TON. Gasless USDT enables users to make transactions immediately after receiving USDT in their wallet. 

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In an exclusive shared with Cryptopolitan, Tonkeeper, the number one self-custody wallet for the TON blockchain, has launched “gasless” USDT payments. Tonkeeper was originally designed by TON APPS GROUP.

Tonkeeper Mobile Partners With W5 Wallet

Per the developers’ design, Gasless USDT enables users to make transactions immediately after receiving USDT in their wallet. The gasless service automatically deducts the fee from the sender’s account, and the recipient receives exactly what the sender requests.

Tonkeeper is a product of Ton Apps Group and the leading non-custodial wallet for the TON blockchain. It has created innovations such as Tonkeeper Battery for handling tokens and NFT fees. The entity also created TON Connect for secure connection to thousands of Web3 apps. 

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Moreover, Tonkeeper also has the largest developer platform on the TON network, TON API, which is used by over 80% of projects in the ecosystem.

The gasless USDT payment system has simplified the transaction process for users to pay network fees using the same token being transferred. This is done without the need to hold Toncoin for fee payments, reducing the entry barrier for new users and enhancing accessibility.

USDT Transactions Work Without Toncoin

After today’s launch, USDT transactions using W5 will not require Toncoin to pay network fees. The blockchain fees are paid using the account’s existing USDT balance when users pay in USDT or swap it for other tokens.

In addition, Blockchain fees can be covered for gasless operations with other tokens and NFTs using Tonkeeper’s existing Battery feature.

Gasless Non-Custodial USDT Payments Go Live on TON With Tonkeeper Mobile and W5  Wallet
Source: Tonkeeper

This payment structure is set to accelerate the adoption of blockchain for everyday financial activities. This makes it accessible to people in the traditional financial ecosystem used to this type of payment structure.

This not only benefits users but the larger DeFi community. Gasless transactions are available to developers building through Tonkeeper’s TON API. The TON API is used by the likes of OKX, CoinGecko, and Wallet in Telegram. The API also facilitates easier onboarding and use through TON Connect.

Users Benefit From Gassless Payments

Users are able to make one payment instead of complex added network fees, creating blockchain convenience. This is simply deducted from an account’s existing balance.

In addition, it is very fast. The payment experience provides near-instantaneous transaction times. This enables seamless, real-time global USDT blockchain payments. This aligns with Tonkeeper’s vision.

This gasless technology has the potential to empower individuals […] Think of how annoying it must be for regular users to have to pay additional fees when making crypto transactions – it’s simply too complicated.

Oleg Andreev, CEO of Tonkeeper

The payment system is highly scalable and can handle millions of transactions per second. The TON ecosystem is designed to grow with Telegram’s ever-increasing user base.

Tonkeeper Releases W5 Standard in Beta

As reported, this release is for a beta version of the W5 standard. Its developers expect it to be adopted by many stakeholders within the growing TON ecosystem, fueled by Telegram messenger’s 900+ million monthly user base. 

This beta has already been released for desktops in Tonkeeper Pro for power users. It is now available on mobile. It is an early version of the standard for trial use.

Our mission at Tonkeeper has always been to push the boundaries of what’s possible in non-custodial apps on the blockchain […] We are not just introducing an innovative product – we are ushering in a new era of financial freedom and inclusion for all.

Oleg Andreev

W5’s features include delegation and account recovery, subscription payments, cheap multi-transfers, and gasless transactions. This feature set allows W5 to significantly reduce user and merchant fees. It enables exciting new possibilities for TON that dramatically improve the user experience for millions of people.

Cryptopolitan Reporting by Florence Muchai

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