Play the Sandbox Events and Win From a Reward Pool of 100,000 $SAND

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  • The Sandbox is offering rewards from a shared pool of 100,000 $SAND tokens.
  • To be eligible, players are required to participate and complete different quests in each event.
  • Rabbids: Music vs Love has the largest reward pool of 60,000 $SAND.

The Sandbox is offering rewards from a pool of 100,000 $SAND tokens to players participating in its ongoing events, including Rabbids: Music vs Love, The Voice Coach Battle, Dystopian Universe, and Ragnarok.

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The Sandbox is offering new P2E events with a total reward pool of over 100,000 $SAND and additional items like in-game assets, NFTs, and more. Rewards will be distributed among players who manage to complete the event quests and reach a certain level of EP (event progress).

Here’s the schedule for these events:

  • Rabbids: Music vs Love – Ends on 3rd June
  • The Voice Coach Battle – Ends on 7th June
  • Dystopian Universe – Ends on 15th June
  • Ragnarok – Ends on 4th June

Rabbids: Music vs Love Has the Largest Reward Pool of 66376.50 $SAND

Rabbids: Music vs Love (Source: The Sandbox Events)

The Rabbids will pit two teams against each other: Music and Love. Players can join either of the teams by purchasing a burnable NFT corresponding to a heart balloon (Love) or a mic (Music). After that, the players will transform their avatars to represent the chosen team and get others to join in.

The team with the highest number of participants will win the event when the timer runs out on June 3rd. After that, the reward pool of up to 60,000 $SAND will be distributed among everyone. However, the total rewards directly correlate with the number of avatars transformed. The higher the transformations, the bigger the earnings!

Other rewards that players can earn by participating in this event include:

  • The winning team will get to decide the theme of the new Rabbids Avatar Collection.
  • A chance to win Rabbids NFT rocket – Only for players belonging to the winning team.
  • A chance to win Rabbids NFT Totem – Only for players belonging to the losing team.
  • Rabbits NFT dragon – Only owners of Rabbids Lunar New Year avatar.
  • Captain Lazerhawk NFT Screen – Only for owners of Captain Laserhawk avatar.

The Voice Coach Battle Has Rewards of 15,000 $SAND With Live Show Tickets and Merchandise

The Voice Coach Battle (Source: The Sandbox Events)

To participate in this event, players need to watch The Voice season 25, currently airing on NBC, and pick their favorite contestant. After that, they’ll enter ‘The Voice Coach Battle’ experience in The Sandbox and cast their vote for their favorite performer.

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To win in this experience, players need to get their votes right and predict the winners of the live show. Only a single right guess is needed to win one exclusive NFT from The Voice. They can vote each week for their next favorite performer to win more NFTs.

Those who complete at least one quest will receive digital memorabilia. On the other hand, players who manage to finish all quests from the event will also be eligible to receive a split from a shared pool of 15,000 $SAND. With that, players from certain countries will also get a chance to earn tickets for the live show.

However, to complete the event, a KYC-verified account and 18 EP (event progress) are needed until the event ends on June 7th.

Dystopian Universe Is Offering Exclusive NFT Rewards With a Pool of 15,000 $SAND

Dystopian Universe (Source: The Sandbox Events)

The Dystopian Universe gives players the option to turn their avatar into KENSHIRO or a Wasteland Bandit. This requires purchasing a burnable NFT, which allows the player to transform the avatar. After transformation, players will be required to participate in the ‘Fist of the North Star’ experiences and complete quests to earn at least 21 EP till 15th June.

Participants who purchase the Death Star or North Star will get rewards from a reserved pool of 60,000 $SAND tokens. On the other hand, owners of the Dystopian Universe NFT Collection will receive gameplay rewards from a pool of 15,000 $SAND tokens.

However, the individual reward per user is capped at 5% of the total pool, and the residents of Japan are not eligible for $SAND gameplay rewards. Other rewards include:

  • Hidebu Death Mask – For ‘Fist of North Star’ avatar owners
  • Blue Metal Shoulders – For the owners of Fist of the North Star NFT or Dystopian Universe NFT
  • Scout goggles NFT – For the owners of Death Star or North Star.

Ragnarok Offers Rewards From a Shared Pool of 15,000 $SAND for NFT Owners

Ragnarok (Source: The Sandbox Events)

Ragnarok puts players in the fictional city of Geffen, where they will engage with various experiences and complete quests to earn $SAND from a shared reward pool of 15,000 tokens.

However, this requires the participants to own an NFT from the Ragnarok (Polygon) collection. The players will also be required to complete a valid KYC, with the NFT present in their associated wallet, until the event ends on 4th June.

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