The Revival of the Media Planner-Buyer in the Age of AI


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  • AI challenges media agencies, necessitating a strategic response.
  • The generalist planner-buyer role is crucial for client-centric solutions.
  • Human creativity and AI efficiency are key for future-proofing agencies.

In the evolving landscape of media agencies, the resurgence of the generalist planner-buyer is becoming crucial. As artificial intelligence (AI) streamlines labor-intensive processes in media planning and buying, the industry faces a turning point. Media agencies must adapt to remain essential in marketing, balancing technology with the human touch.

The changing role of media agencies

AI presents both a challenge and an opportunity for media agencies. On one hand, it poses an existential threat by potentially reducing the need for specialized services. On the other hand, AI offers a chance for media agencies to integrate more deeply into the marketing process. Media agencies must re-engineer the client experience with a blend of technology and human expertise to stay relevant and essential.

Clients demand more

Clients are increasingly seeking more strategic and collaborative expertise from their agencies. They desire partners who can provide sound advice based on a broad knowledge of marketing and media. Current agency structures, however, often fall short. Teams have become siloed into narrow specialties, lacking a holistic understanding of the broader media and advertising landscape. Clients need more than just technology-driven solutions; they require strategic allies for fast, informed decision-making.

The return of the generalist planner-buyer

The solution lies in reintegrating planning and buying roles. As AI simplifies these functions, the need for hyper-specialized roles diminishes. Innovations like Google’s Performance Max and Meta’s Advantage+ automate and optimize campaign setups, yielding higher ROI with less manual effort. This automation allows for a single individual to oversee both planning and buying, bringing back the generalist planner-buyer as a central figure in client interactions.

Embracing data and effectiveness

The modern planner-buyer must be adept at utilizing AI tools while understanding and interpreting data. They should be able to use predictive analytics tools like those employed by companies like Uber and HelloFresh to optimize media strategies. This doesn’t require advanced mathematics or coding skills but a strong comfort level with data and statistics. Planner-buyers must be able to extract actionable insights from complex data sets to make informed recommendations.

The human element

Despite advancements in AI, the human element remains irreplaceable. The planner-buyer’s role is not just about managing technology but also about providing creative and strategic input. They bring to the table the ability to disrupt, imagine, and take calculated risks – aspects that AI alone cannot replicate. This human aspect is what gives media agencies their competitive edge.

Future-proofing media agencies

While clients could potentially in-house some aspects of AI-driven media planning, the planner-buyer’s role transcends mere “button-pushing.” A purely AI-driven media plan might be efficient, but it lacks the nuanced understanding and creative flair that a human planner-buyer provides. Clients seek more than just operational efficiency; they look for innovative, creative strategies that can only come from experienced professionals.

Securing the agency’s role

The key to securing the future of media agencies lies in the hands of these revitalized planner-buyers. By combining AI’s efficiency with human creativity and strategic thinking, they can offer clients something uniquely valuable. This approach ensures that media agencies remain relevant and indispensable in the face of evolving market demands and technological advancements.

Balancing AI with human insight

In conclusion, the return of the generalist planner-buyer marks a critical adaptation for media agencies in an AI-driven era. By blending technological efficiencies with human creativity and strategic insight, these professionals can offer clients the comprehensive, collaborative expertise they increasingly demand. As media agencies navigate this changing landscape, the planner-buyer emerges as a pivotal figure in maintaining the agency’s relevance and value in the marketing ecosystem.

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