The surprising resilience of cryptocurrencies in China


  • Chinese crypto investors are more bullish on cryptocurrencies than their Asian counterparts, with over 70% allocating more than half of their portfolios to digital currencies.
  • A significant portion, 33.3%, of Chinese investors prefer stablecoins, ranking second after Vietnam in the region.
  • Despite a government ban on crypto trading in 2021, many in China continue to trade on centralized exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies in China have been like that one guest at a party who wasn’t invited but shows up anyway, and not only do they refuse to leave, but they also end up being the life of the party. Despite the government’s best efforts to turn the lights off and shoo everyone away, crypto has clung on with surprising tenacity.

According to a recent report by Kyros Ventures, supported by insights from ten media agencies across Asia, China’s crypto enthusiasts are not just dipping their toes in the digital currency waters; they’re diving in headfirst. Out of over 5,000 participants surveyed, a staggering 70% confessed that cryptocurrencies make up more than half of their investment portfolios.

A Deep Dive into China’s Crypto Craze

It seems that while the rest of Asia is playing it safe, China’s investors are doubling down on their bets in the crypto casino. In a twist that would make any financial advisor do a double-take, a significant 33.3% of these investors have put their faith in stablecoins, second only to Vietnam. This reveals a fascinating contrast within the region: while others are stepping back, cautious of the volatile crypto market, China is leaning in, stablecoins in hand.

But let’s not forget, China is the same country that famously gave crypto trading the cold shoulder back in 2021, slapping bans on the industry that sent ripples worldwide. Authorities there have been less than welcoming to anyone daring to dabble in digital currencies, with tales of detentions and fines not uncommon. Yet, the report highlights a peculiar defiance among Chinese investors, who predominantly continue to trade through centralized crypto exchanges (CEXs). This move, bold in the face of strict regulations, signals an unyielding interest in the crypto sphere.

Regulatory Twists and Turns

While Thailand might be at the bottom of the pack with its stablecoin holders, China is taking steps to refine its stance on cryptocurrencies, at least from a regulatory viewpoint. The country is looking to revise its Anti-Money Laundering laws to encompass crypto transactions, a move that could be seen as a begrudging nod to the sector’s persistence. Moreover, the appetite for crypto knowledge in China, fueled by self-research, crypto news, and insights from key opinion leaders (KOLs), remains high. This thirst for information mirrors the broader Asian landscape, with news media capturing the attention of over 70% of Thai and Chinese investors.

The regulatory environment in Asia is evolving, with Hong Kong striving to position itself as a nexus for crypto and Web3 innovation, evidenced by the issuance of its first cryptocurrency exchange licenses in 2023. South Korea and Taiwan are not far behind, introducing measures to protect cryptocurrency users and considering the introduction of crypto exchange-traded funds, respectively.

Amidst this backdrop of change, China’s stance appears more complex. On one hand, it continues to enforce strict controls over crypto trading and mining, while on the other, it seeks to clamp down on the misuse of cryptocurrencies for illegal transactions, particularly targeting stablecoins like Tether for unauthorized foreign exchange transactions.

Despite these challenges, the resilience of cryptocurrency in China is undeniable. Investors, seemingly undeterred by the government’s crackdowns, are finding ways to engage with the market, showcasing a remarkable level of commitment to the crypto cause. This persistence speaks volumes about the allure of digital currencies, even in the face of stringent regulations and potential risks.

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