Blue Brain Games Releases The House of Da Vinci on Xbox; Announces The House of Tesla


  • The House of Da Vinci is now on Xbox, offering a Renaissance puzzle adventure.
  • Play as Da Vinci’s apprentice, solve mysteries, and use a unique gauntlet.
  • Blue Brain Games announces The House of Tesla, a science-meets-mystery adventure.

Blue Brain Games, the acclaimed developer behind The House of Da Vinci, has finally brought its immersive 3D puzzle adventure game to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Simultaneously, they have unveiled their upcoming title, The House of Tesla, promising a thrilling adventure through the world of Nikola Tesla. 

Gamers and history enthusiasts alike can now experience the Renaissance firsthand in The House of Da Vinci while eagerly anticipating the electrifying tales of The House of Tesla.

The House of Da Vinci: Unraveling Leonardo’s disappearance

In The House of Da Vinci, players step into the shoes of Leonardo Da Vinci’s apprentice, embarking on a quest to uncover the mystery surrounding the disappearance of their master. 

The game immerses players in the rich ambiance of the 16th century, meticulously recreating Leonardo’s workshop and incorporating his real inventions and ideas into the puzzles, inventions, and escape mechanisms scattered throughout the game.

One of the standout features of The House of Da Vinci is the innovative use of a gauntlet, which allows players to detect hidden objects by seeing through surfaces. This mechanic adds an exciting layer to the gameplay, requiring players to use wit and observation skills to uncover secrets concealed in plain sight. 

Furthermore, the gauntlet offers glimpses into the past, providing crucial insights to solve the mystery.

Players can expect various mechanical puzzles and brain-twisters, all inspired by Leonardo’s ingenious inventions. Navigating Leonardo’s workshop is intuitive and enjoyable, with easy-to-use controls, ensuring the game remains accessible and engaging.

The House of Da Vinci challenges your skills

From Renaissance war machines to complex lockboxes, mechanical puzzles, and room escapes, The House of Da Vinci presents various challenges that test players’ problem-solving skills. 

With historical accuracy seamlessly blended with imaginative storytelling, the game promises an immersive and challenging experience.

The House of Tesla: A new adventure beckons

As The House of Da Vinci makes its Xbox debut, Blue Brain Games has also announced The House of Tesla. This upcoming adventure will transport players into the world of Nikola Tesla, the father of electricity, and promises to mix science and mystery in a captivating narrative. 

Players can anticipate fresh locations based on Tesla’s real-life plans, a mysterious story set in Progressive Era America, and a dynamic storytelling approach using flashbacks into the past. Additionally, players will wield a device that allows them to see and influence the flow of electricity, adding an intriguing gameplay element to the mix.

CEO Martin Pavelek’s excitement

Martin Pavelek, CEO at Blue Brain Games, expressed his excitement about the new project, saying, “Following the huge success and positive reception of our adventure title The House of Da Vinci, we are excited to finally reveal our new project with The House of Tesla. 

Utilizing our development experience and the valuable feedback from our community, we are creating a thrilling new adventure that will transport fans into a world of science and mystery. We can’t wait to share more on The House of Tesla and invite you to come on this fascinating journey with us.”

The House of Da Vinci 

The House of Da Vinci on Xbox promises an immersive and challenging experience that seamlessly weaves historical accuracy with imaginative storytelling. If you’re ready to put your detective skills to the test and uncover the truth behind the disappearance of the great Leonardo da Vinci, head over to the Xbox Store, where you can download the game now for £20.99. It’s available on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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