Microsoft Teases Quake 6 during Xbox Developer Direct


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  • Microsoft’s event hints at Quake 6, exciting fans.
  • MachineGames might work on Quake 6, as suggested by a whiteboard clue.
  • Gamers await official news on Quake 6 with hope.

In a surprising turn of events during Microsoft’s recent Xbox Developer Direct presentation, keen-eyed fans spotted a potential teaser for a new game in the beloved Quake series. While the primary focus of the event was on games like “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,” “Avowed,” and “Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II,” an unexpected clue emerged during the Indiana Jones segment that has set the gaming community abuzz.

During the segment featuring developer MachineGames, a brief glimpse of a whiteboard raised eyebrows among viewers. The phrase “AKE 6?” was discernible on the left side of the image. While various interpretations of this cryptic message exist, one detail stood out – a crudely drawn Quake logo positioned below the text. This discovery suggests that “Quake 6” may be in the works.

It’s worth noting that the last numbered entry in the Quake series was 2005’s “Quake 4.” However, the 2017 release “Quake Champions” was informally called “Quake 5” within the development team. Consequently, the possibility of the next game being “Quake 6” seems plausible.

MachineGames and Quake

If “Quake 6” is indeed in development, MachineGames appears to have a significant role in its creation. The studio already boasts experience with the Quake franchise, having crafted a series of new episodes for the recent remasters of “Quake” and “Quake II” – “Dimension of the Machine” and “Call of the Machine,” respectively.

Dimension of the Machine took players to the depths of a labyrinth known as The Machine, where they embarked on a crusade against the forces of evil. The mission: to collect lost runes, power a dormant machine, and prevent the greatest threat to all known worlds from wreaking havoc.

Call of the Machine offered a brand-new Quake II experience, comprising 28 campaign levels and a multiplayer deathmatch map. The game’s plot revolves around the Machine, a singularity capable of destabilizing reality. Players had to traverse time and space, locate the Strogg-Maker, and prevent a cataclysmic fate for both man and machine.

Speculation and caution

While this tantalizing glimpse at “Quake 6” on MachineGames’ whiteboard has sparked excitement among fans, it’s essential to exercise caution and approach this information with skepticism until official confirmation is provided.

However, if the reveal hints at the development of “Quake 6,” it would align with MachineGames’ established connection to the Quake franchise. The studio’s history of contributing to recent Quake remasters, combined with the unmistakable Quake logo on the whiteboard, raises compelling possibilities for the future of the series.

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