The Bonerooms: A Fierce Competitor in the World of Horror Battle Royale Games


  • The Bonerooms, a horror battle royale game, pits players against skeletons in endless corridors.
  • Collect pills to survive and decide whether to cooperate or betray fellow survivors.
  • Deception amps up gameplay, making The Bonerooms a unique horror gaming experience.

In multiplayer PC horror games, a new contender is rising to challenge the supremacy of the popular indie title Lethal Company. Known as The Bonerooms, this Backrooms-inspired battle royale game is making waves, and its developer, Jason Smith, is determined to carve out a niche for his creation in the horror gaming world. 

While it may not unseat the reigning champion, The Bonerooms certainly has the potential to become a force to be reckoned with.

The brainchild of Jason Smith, who previously developed the Blood-inspired Cultic, The Bonerooms is described by its creator as a “spooky/goofy mini-project.”

This game plunges players into the eerie and unsettling environment of the “backrooms,” a never-ending labyrinth of carpeted corridors that originated from a peculiar yet oddly off-putting image that circulated online.

In The Bonerooms, players find themselves trapped in these surreal corridors but are far from alone. Unlike Lethal Company’s menacing monsters or the enigmatic entities of the Backrooms, players in this game face a relentless pursuit by none other than murderous skeletons.

Survival in the backrooms

Players must employ cunning tactics and resourcefulness to survive the relentless onslaught of these skeletal foes. The game introduces a unique twist reminiscent of Pac-Man: players collect pills strewn throughout the corridors, which can be traded for various items crucial to survival. 

This innovative gameplay mechanic encourages players to scavenge and strategize, fostering a dynamic and engaging experience.

While teamwork may seem logical in a battle against murderous skeletons, The Bonerooms introduces an intriguing dilemma: there can be only one winner. In this ruthless survival game, camaraderie can quickly turn to treachery as players vie for supremacy. 

The decision to cooperate or eliminate fellow survivors is entirely in the hands of the player, adding an element of psychological tension to the gameplay.

Deception and mind games

One particularly wicked aspect of The Bonerooms is the opportunity for players to engage in psychological warfare. The game permits players to deceive their counterparts, creating an environment rife with paranoia. 

An example of this cunning tactic is demonstrated in the latest gameplay footage, where a player mimics the sound of The Bonerooms’ skeletons by banging two bones together. This ingenious maneuver can trick other players into believing they are being pursued, leading to panic and chaos.

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