Call of the Sea: A Unique Twist on Traditional Horror Gaming


  • Xbox Game Pass’ Call of the Sea offers a different kind of horror, without jump scares, using vibrant visuals and clever storytelling.
  • The game surprises with subtle tension, unnerving discoveries, and inverts typical horror elements for an engaging experience.
  • Call of the Sea redefines horror by mixing Lovecraftian lore with deceptive artistry, providing a unique and captivating adventure.

Xbox Game Pass‘ Call of the Sea has emerged as a captivating title that challenges traditional horror gaming norms. While it may not adhere to the conventional jump scares and eerie atmospheres, it subtly and skillfully grips players with a unique brand of horror. Let’s explore how Call of the Sea subverts genre expectations, combining vibrant visuals with Lovecraftian lore to create an unnerving experience.

Subverting horror expectations 

In horror gaming, one often expects thundering nights, dimly lit houses, and an endless stream of jump scares. However, Call of the Sea takes a different route. At first glance, it appears to be a pleasant puzzle adventure game, with vibrant colors and hand-drawn-style artistry. But as players dive deeper into the story, the tension mounts, and the true horrors of the game begin to unfold.

The brilliance of Call of the Sea lies in its ability to deceive. It lulls players into a false sense of security, making them believe that they are embarking on a journey of discovery rather than terror. This clever deception is achieved through the use of vibrant visuals and a colorful palette that initially evokes a feeling of safety. However, as the narrative progresses, these tones darken, signaling the emergence of horror that seeps into the game like an ominous black ooze.

A subtle and unnerving horror 

Call of the Sea offers a brand of horror that keeps players on edge without resorting to traditional jump scares. It’s a subtle and unnerving experience that leaves players with their nerves on edge, straining to hear the slightest noise. While fear may not grip players in the conventional sense, a tightening in the stomach is guaranteed when encountering unnerving photographic evidence of experiments gone awry or when coming face to face with writhing black goo that responds to touch.

The game wields subtlety as a powerful weapon, crafting a story that gradually unfolds, never giving players a chance to rest on their laurels. It’s a type of horror that’s more about psychological unease than immediate fear, and Call of the Sea handles it with masterful storytelling.

Inverting generic conventions

Call of the Sea doesn’t just subvert horror expectations; it also flips generic conventions on their head. Throughout the game, players encounter elements that aren’t typically associated with horror settings. The gentle glow of water, the whimsical transformation of the lead character, Norah, into an aquatic form, and the sorrowful ending illuminated by a warming fire are all signifiers that deviate from the norm.

The game’s developers tantalize players by briefly offering glimpses of the true horror lurking beneath the surface, only to swiftly close the shutters and leave them grappling with confusion. This deliberate strategy not only disturbs players through Norah’s discoveries but also leaves them perplexed as they navigate a game that refuses to provide respite.

Call of the Sea reimagines horror gaming 

Call of the Sea stands as a testament to how the horror genre can be reimagined and reshaped. It defies expectations by blending vibrant visuals with Lovecraftian elements to create a unique, unsettling experience. This game may not adhere to the traditional horror tropes of jump scares and eerie environments, but it excels in crafting a psychological thriller that keeps players on edge from start to finish.

Whether you’re a fan of horror or simply intrigued by unconventional storytelling, Call of the Sea is a must-play title that showcases the power of subtlety and the art of subverting genre conventions. It’s a love note to Lovecraftian lore, wrapped in a visually appealing package that will leave players questioning what lies beneath the surface of their own expectations.

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