Thales to integrate blockchain to meet NATO standards

Thales to integrate blockchain to meet NATO standards

French aerospace and defense giant, the Thales Group, is now using blockchain technology to digitalize its systems to meet the standards of NATO and other business associates of the company.

According to an official announcement, Thales is interested in using technologies such as Big Data and blockchain to digitalize and streamline its services. The company is planning the digital transformation of its Production and Maintenance center that specializes in defense and aeronautics.

Thales to integrate blockchain technology

The company is looking to create a platform that will be connected with all applications at the headquarters Production and Maintenance Center. The platform would be able to access data from all workbenches and extract them efficiently.

The French giant is looking to use blockchain technology to introduce a high level of transparency and traceability to its supply chains. Blockchain technology will be used to track the parts and products that are handled at the company’s Production and Maintenance Center.

This transformation would allow the company to meet the standards of NATO and the Ministries of Defense that it collaborates with.

Big Data generated in the factory’s workbenches, and machines will be used to optimize processes and analyzed to draw conclusions in order to allow continuous business improvement.

The advanced management system would supervise radiocommunication, aeronautical and naval equipment, among other products.

Blockchain in aerospace

Thales is not the first instance of using blockchain in the aerospace industry. Previously, Chinese state-owned China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation adopted blockchain to improve its electronic invoice system.

The integration of blockchain would also assist the management and processing of invoices for tax purposes. The agency believes that the number of electronic invoices will rise significantly in the next few years, and it is essential to prepare an efficient system for its management. You can read more about that here.

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