Terra Takes Decisive Action to Alleviate Network Congestion Amid Trading Surge

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  • The TFL core team responded to Terra’s network congestion by increasing the minimum Gas fees and deploying a non-consensus interrupt patch to reduce invalid transactions, enhancing network efficiency.
  • These measures, aimed at improving block generation and validation processes, highlight the team’s quick and effective response to technical challenges, ensuring Terra’s network reliability and user experience

In the wake of a significant surge in trading activity on the X platform, Terra has experienced notable network congestion issues. To address the challenge head-on, the TerraForm Labs (TFL) core team has swiftly implemented a series of solutions aimed at stabilizing the network and enhancing user experience. 

These measures reflect the company’s commitment to maintaining a robust and efficient blockchain infrastructure, crucial for its growing user base and the wider cryptocurrency community.

Immediate measures for network stability

In response to the unexpected surge in trading activity, which put a strain on the network, the TFL core team took immediate action. Their first solution involved a collaboration with Terra validators to increase the minimum Gas fees required for executing transactions on the network. The strategic move aims to deter spam transactions, which are often a significant contributor to network congestion. By raising the Gas fees, only transactions deemed necessary and worthwhile by users will be processed, effectively reducing unnecessary load on the network.

In addition to the increasing Gas fees, the TFL core team has implemented a significant technical update for Terra validators: a non-consensus interrupt patch. This patch is specifically engineered to reduce the number of invalid transactions that occur in each block. This enhancement is critical in streamlining the block generation and validation process, ensuring that the network operates more efficiently and effectively.

The deployment of this patch underscores the TFL core team’s commitment to rapidly addressing network challenges. Their ability to quickly implement technical solutions not only demonstrates their expertise but also reinforces the reliability and user-friendliness of the Terra network, maintaining its status as a trusted platform in the blockchain community.

Future-proofing Terra: dynamic fee model exploration

Beyond these immediate measures, the TFL core team is looking towards future-proofing the Terra network against similar congestion issues. Recognizing the limitations of manual interventions during periods of severe network stress, the team is exploring the possibilities of the development of a dynamic fee model. The innovative approach would also automatically adjust the minimum Gas fees on the Terra network in response to fluctuating demand and network activity levels.

The implementation of a dynamic fee model represents a forward-thinking strategy to enhance network scalability and reliability. Such a model would allow the network to adapt in real-time to changing conditions, ensuring that Terra can efficiently handle high volumes of transactions without compromising on speed or user experience.

The proactive approach to network management is indicative of Terra’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing a seamless experience for its users.


Terra’s response to the recent network congestion issues demonstrates the platform’s agility and commitment to maintaining a high-performance blockchain ecosystem. The immediate solutions implemented by the TFL core team, along with the exploration of a dynamic fee model, are pivotal in Terra’s ongoing efforts to optimize its network. As Terra continues to grow and attract more users and transactions, these measures will be instrumental in ensuring the platform can sustain its momentum while providing a reliable and efficient service to its community.

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