Is the metaverse dead? Investors register 99% losses


In recent developments, the booming Metaverse market is exhibiting signs of cooling off as it experiences a notable price dip across various digital assets and virtual real estate properties. Once hailed as the ‘Next Frontier’ in technological evolution and a lucrative investment opportunity, the Metaverse is currently navigating through turbulent waters, sparking debates among investors, […]

McDonald’s makes an iconic display in the metaverse

McDonald's makes an iconic display in the metaverse

Basking in the glows of a digital sun, an iconic fast food giant sets its mark in the infinite expanse of the metaverse. McDonald’s is leading the industry by venturing into the Web3 realm, where it has crafted an immersive and engaging experience for its Hong Kong audience, all in honor of a milestone – […]

BBC Studios and Reality+ collaborate to bring iconic brands to The Sandbox metaverse

The Sandbox

The Sandbox comes live on BBC. Reality+ and BBC Studios have teamed up with the aim of bringing immersive experiences from beloved brands like Doctor Who and Top Gear into the rapidly growing metaverse. Fans can now anticipate engaging with their favorite material in The Sandbox’s dynamic atmosphere and obtaining access to a private BBC […]

Binance NFT launches support for the Sandbox NFT staking program

Binance NFT

The Binance NFT Marketplace recently announced the launch of The Sandbox NFT Staking Program, which enables users to stake $SAND tokens and earn exclusive NFT rewards. The Sandbox is a popular decentralized virtual gaming ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to create, own, and monetize gaming experiences.  This new staking program is […]

The Sandbox and Ledger partner to make Metaverse more secure

The Sandbox partners with Ledger Enterprise to secure metaverse

The Sandbox, a decentralized metaverse platform, is partnering with security solution provider Ledger Enterprise to enhance security integration for its partners. The collaboration will allow partners to migrate their nonfungible token (NFT) collections to the Ledger wallet, ensuring a more secure environment for their digital assets. Enhancing security in the Metaverse This new partnership aims […]

The Sandbox and HSBC flop show


The Sandbox is a virtual universe in which gamers can construct, control, and monetize their own gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain. Sandbox aims to displace existing game developers by granting creators genuine ownership of their works in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Moreover, their reward structure has made them the most sought-after gaming […]

The fall of Metaverse and Virtual lands. Will it ever rise back?


The crypto world’s difficulties have affected many aspects and sectors. Not only have digital coins been struggling, but virtual land and Metaverse have also been caught in the crossfire. Last year, something as simple as buying an item inside a metaverse was considered a luxury or status symbol. However, the hype and excitement around metaverse […]

The Sandbox: Guess the Asia banking giant who just joined the metaverse

the Sandbox metaverse

The Metaverse concept, like The Sandbox, has received a fair amount of positive and negative attention. However, forward thinkers have not shied away from exploring Web 3.0 limits. There have been massive endorsements of futuristic technology, especially when Tech giants like Facebook embraced it and changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc.  Following these advancements, […]

Are gaming NFTs dead?

US toy manufacturer Mattel launches P2P NFT Marketplace for Digital Collectibles

The bear market has affected most digital assets as the users have become weary of losses. Gaming NFTs are one of those categories that saw a downtrend because of the decreased investments. The crypto speculators’ investments poured billions of dollars into a risky market. The result wasn’t that good, and it resulted in failure for […]

Ledger partners The Sandbox to ramp up crypto education in metaverse


TL;DR breakdown Popular hardware wallet provider Ledger is looking to harness the metaverse technology to spread awareness and education about cryptocurrency further. According to reports on Monday, the wallet company has partnered with The Sandbox to promote crypto education and security in its virtual world. Ledger to spread crypto awareness in metaverse In the announcement, […]

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