France CBDC: Governor Denis Beau reveals next steps before launch


Bank of France Deputy Governor Denis Beau, at the Paris Blockchain Summit, spoke about the progress being made towards the launch of France CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). The deputy governor in his address spoke on necessary regulatory changes and legal framework of the set to be released digital currency. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) […]

Crypto regulations: French ministries set to ban anonymous crypto accounts

Brian Armstrong

TL:DR Breakdown French authorities have begun tightening crypto regulations to stop money laundering France committed to developing cryptocurrency amidst tight regulations Financial authorities in France are beginning to strengthen crypto regulations in the European country to prevent more cases of money laundering and terrorism financing. The authorities are doing this by building a new framework […]

Thales to integrate blockchain to meet NATO standards

Thales to integrate blockchain to meet NATO standards

French aerospace and defense giant, the Thales Group, is now using blockchain technology to digitalize its systems to meet the standards of NATO and other business associates of the company. According to an official announcement, Thales is interested in using technologies such as Big Data and blockchain to digitalize and streamline its services. The company […]

France authorities arrest 29 persons funding terrorist group with Bitcoin

Binance and TaoTao alliance couldn t hold anymore

The anti-terrorist group in France has arrested a group of persons who were reportedly involved in a digital currency scheme aimed at promoting the activities of terrorists. Perhaps, this stands as another evidence that many terrorist groups are increasingly funded with digital currencies, in order to avoid being intercepted by the government and other enforcement […]

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