Esports personality Susie Kim launches SUSIE coin


  • Esports personality Susie Kim launches SUSIE coin.
  • A custom cryptocurrency facilitated by Rally.io.
  • Kim has also joined Rally as an advisor.

Susie Kim teams up with Rally to release personalized cryptocurrency.

Susie Kim, a notable esports personality, today announced plans to release the SUSIE, a custom token for fans to trade in exchange for various rewards.

South Korean born Kim has worked in various areas of esports, including supervising Overwatch team the London Spitfires and assisting the Twitch streaming service with entering Korean markets. She stated today to her 48.7K followers on Twitter:

‘Excited to be working with @KevinChou and @rally_io to help content creators create sustainable communities over multiple platforms.


Rally, headed by gaming entrepreneur Kevin Chou, is a blockchain start-up that allows content creators to develop personalized cryptocurrencies. Susie joins an all-star line-up of over 30 influences who have developed personalized currencies to better engage with fans. Rally, which also has its own cryptocurrency (RLY), claims creator coins are genuine legal tender.

‘Creator Coins can be used as a form of payment as with other traditional payments or monetization systems, but the real power lies in the offerings that Creators provide to fans for holding their Creator Coin and being a part of their network.’

At launch, Kim will handout the SUSIE to her biggest devotees. The currency will only be available for use in private Discord chats and initially allow fans an extra level of social status.
Kim also joins Rally as an advisor on gaming and esports. It is thought that her influence will bring more attention to cryptocurrencies from gaming enthusiasts. Esports insider, who broke the news earlier today, stated:

At launch, Kim will handout the SUSIE to her biggest devotees. The currency will only be available for use in private Discord chats and to allow fans an extra level of social status initially.

Kim also joins Rally as an advisor on gaming and e-sports. It is thought that her influence will bring more attention to cryptocurrencies from gaming enthusiasts. Esports Insider, who broke the news earlier today, stated:

‘Esports is prime real estate for custom currency. Gamers are already used to purchasing credits on gaming platforms and inside games, as well as on streaming platforms. Gamers also tend to be early adopters of new technology.’

Whilst the tokens are currently valued at around $0.067, users must have a minimum balance of $25 on the site in order to redeem the tokens. Users can also only trade content creator based coins in for Tether (USDT) a currency that has faced abundant controversy. The company has announced plans to extend this redemption service to its RLY currency at a later date. No plans have been announced to provide conversion into USD or into any mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

It is clear that these coins hold financial value, but it is unclear as to if the value of ownership will really be worth the cost.

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