Surgeon Reveals Trend of Women Seeking Procedures to Emulate Fake AI Models


  • Women getting surgery to look like fake models, says Dr. Caughlin.
  • Patients might look silly post-surgery, but Dr. Caughlin aims for sharp features.
  • Trend prompts ethical concerns about beauty standards.

Plastic surgery trends often reflect societal ideals of beauty, and according to Dr. Benjamin Caughlin, an American plastic surgeon with over 15 years of experience, a concerning new trend is emerging. Women are increasingly opting for surgical procedures in an attempt to emulate the appearance of fake models, a phenomenon Dr. Caughlin has observed firsthand in his practice.

The surgeon’s insights

Dr. Benjamin Caughlin, once aspiring to be an architect but drawn to medicine by his mother’s influence as a nurse, has garnered a significant following on TikTok, where he shares insights into plastic surgery. Known for procedures like the Cheekago treatment and the face BBL treatment, Dr. Caughlin has earned the moniker of “face sculptor” for his expertise in creating sharp contours and angles desired by his patients.

The trend identified by Dr. Caughlin involves women seeking procedures aimed at achieving the look of what he terms “fake models.” These procedures often involve combining techniques such as buccal fat pad sculpting, mucosal tightening, muscle stripping, and jawline contouring. The desired outcome for patients is a sculpted appearance with defined features reminiscent of digitally altered images seen in media and on social platforms.

Patient expectations and results

Patients undergoing these procedures typically seek a transformation characterized by sharpness, contour, and angularity, emphasizing creating compartmentalization of the face. Dr. Caughlin works to achieve these goals while minimizing scarring, although he notes that patients may experience a period of looking “pretty stupid” for approximately seven days post-procedure.

While plastic surgery has long been used to enhance natural beauty or address physical concerns, the trend of seeking procedures to resemble digitally altered images raises ethical and psychological considerations. Dr. Caughlin’s observations highlight the influence of unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by media and social platforms, potentially contributing to body image issues and unhealthy perceptions of beauty.

As plastic surgery continues to evolve alongside societal norms and technological advancements, it’s essential to critically examine emerging trends and their implications. Dr. Benjamin Caughlin’s insights shed light on a concerning phenomenon within the field, prompting reflection on the influence of media, the responsibility of plastic surgeons, and the importance of promoting diverse representations of beauty.

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