StrongBlock free tier is now live

A blockchain as a service (BaaS) platform StrongBlock free tier and marketplace are now live for users amidst a down market.

The platform was introduced by early members of, which is a blockchain solutions provider and the creator of EOS.IO, which is a blockchain protocol powered by the EOS cryptocurrency.

What is StrongBlock free tier?

The platform allows block producers, developers of decentralized applications, integrators of systems, and service providers to register their services on StrongBlock’s marketplace. The users can instantly gain access to these blockchain solutions through the platform.

The platform enables people to launch their blockchains easily and quickly, and it also allows users to access their nodes without any expenses.

David Moss, the chief executive officer (CEO) of StrongBlock, has explained that the organization had created the platform so that they could develop blockchain solutions instantly.

Moss added that the firm consulted numerous organizations and discovered that the usual projects based on the blockchain technology failed because of inadequate resources or the inability of the blockchain technology to scale.

Moss claimed that StrongBlock addresses both of these issues, as it possesses the required amount of resources, and its blockchain technology can scale. The CEO also expressed his team’s excitement in making StrongBlock available for the public.

The platform can be utilized by organizations that require blockchain solutions, which can range from logistics and food safety to finance and real estate, etc.