Stride hits the brakes on STRD to ATOM conversion

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  • Stride puts a strategic pause on its initial plan to convert STRD to ATOM, highlighting a dedicated commitment to community consensus and transparent discussions.
  • While the proposed token conversion is momentarily set aside, it continues its dynamic journey, ensuring that future pathways.

In the vibrant and often tumultuous world of blockchain, Stride, an esteemed entity in the Cosmos ecosystem, has strategically paused its plan to transfigure its native token, STRD, into the Cosmos Hub’s ATOM token. This decision was remarkably taken a mere nine days after the initial proposition by Stride Labs’ co-founder, Vishal Talasani. The unfolding story emanates from a melange of community discussions, providing a nuanced tale of strategic pause and diligent attentiveness to stakeholder voices.

Stride: The precipice of change and retrospection

Stride, a giant in the realm of liquid staking within the Cosmos blockchain framework, was on the verge of initializing an impactful shift in the cryptocurrency domain. When the proposition of merging Stride’s liquid staking zone with the Cosmos Hub was unveiled at Cosmoverse, Istanbul, it swiftly became a crucible for various stakeholders, each infusing their insights and apprehensions into a bubbling pot of strategic discussion. With a TVL of an impressive $33.84 million and 80% of it being staked ATOM, according to DeFiLlama, Stride isn’t just a mere participant but a formidable influencer within the Cosmos ecosystem.

However, the gravity of the proposed STRD to ATOM conversion was not lost on Stride’s management, which comprehensively gauged its potential implications across the network and opted for a strategic pause. This pause enveloped in contemplation and reflection, arises as a pivotal moment where the forward momentum is tempered by conscientious consideration of communal and strategic variables.

An exemplar of transparent dialogue

Stride’s adherence to the principles of decentralization and collective decision-making shines through in its inclusive approach to discussions around the proposed merge and token conversion. Following the initial proposal, a cascade of dialogues enveloped various forums, intertwining aspects of feasibility, potential strategic impacts, and alignment within the overarching objectives of the Cosmos ecosystem.

In a cryptoverse where decisions often whisk by at a blistering pace, Stride’s approach provided a contrasting resonance, championing the necessity of holistic discussions and informed participation of all stakeholders. Even though the threads of original thought and strategic motivation that wove the proposal were rich and considered, the collective voices from both the Cosmos Hub and Stride communities iterated a symphony of division and a palpable absence of consensus. Stride, thus, wisely elected to tread cautiously, respecting the myriad of voices echoing within its community.

Forging ahead with refined objectives

Though momentarily side-stepping from the STRD → ATOM conversion, Stride is not dwelling in static contemplation. The team marches forth, unwavering in its commitment to provide paramount liquid staking services, whilst maintaining an attuned ear to the undulating currents of its community’s sentiments and perspectives. This juncture, characterized by a pause, should not be misconstrued as an endpoint but rather as a thoughtful interlude in Stride’s ongoing narrative.

Stride, nestled within a key moment of introspective decision-making, assimilates feedback, nurtures community engagement, and keeps the flames of potential future trajectories, whether that be a revisitation of the conversion proposal or an exploration of new pathways, alight. It is a future sculpted with, and not just for, its community.


Stride’s conscientious decision to delay the conversion from STRD to ATOM provides a lustrous example of mindful strategy and adherence to the spirit of decentralization within blockchain environments. It prioritizes collective decision-making and places a premium on community consensus, marking a noteworthy chapter in its ongoing journey within the Cosmos ecosystem. 

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