Street Fighter 6 Akuma Update to Come With New Combo Trials

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  • Season 2 Combo Trials have been confirmed for Street Fighter 6 update coming on May 22nd.
  • The new Combo Trials are reportedly very important due to the balance adjustments coming with the update.
  • The update will also release Akuma as a DLC character.

Capcom has announced on X that the much-awaited Street Fighter 6 Akuma update will come with new Combo Trials. The Combo Trials are necessary due to the upcoming balance changes in the update. 

The updates will allow players to optimize training using the new Reset Combo Damage Option. Street Fighter 6 Players have previously expressed unhappiness with the cumbersome way of resetting Max Combo. The latest update will fix the problem by introducing a reset button in the Training Mode.

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Capcom Announces New Combo Updates

The ability to Reset Combo Damage will improve players’ overall quality of life (QOL). The Rest Combo Damage is useful in training mode. It records the player’s Max Combo Damage and allows players to reset it to zer0 instead of quitting the session and re-entering to reset it the old way.

The latest updates will give fighters access to brand-new Combos. These changes may overwrite existing combo trials, so players may have to relearn and master the game. Updates are always fun, but sometimes, significant updates alter the game experience so much that they affect the player’s skill level.

The Season 2 update from Capcom shows an image of how Zangief’s Beginner Combo Trials will be improved. The new release will change all Zangief Beginner Combo Trials 3, 4, 5, and 7.

What Else Is Getting Updated?

The May 22nd update will bring many changes to the combatants, most significantly the balance adjustments. The balance adjustments will alter the overall feel of the game. Capcom says the balance adjustments have led to different fighting dynamics and player control changes that are necessary for this update.

The update also adds a notification feature to each combo trial. This feature allows players to access the update log to keep track of the latest updates.

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Exciting New Combo Trials with the Akuma Update on May 22! Plus, Optimize Your Training with the New Reset Combo Damage Option
byu/AbleFig inStreetFighter

Akuma Is Getting Released as a DLC Character

“With the Akuma update on May 22 comes new Combo Trials due to the upcoming balance changes. Try them out in the Fighting Ground!

A new option, Reset Combo Damage, is also available in Training Mode so you can optimize your practice sessions.”

– Capcom on X

Akuma remains the center of Capcom’s anticipated update on May 22nd. He is a new DLC character for Street Fighter 6 who will have outrageous rage and anger. The DLC character introduction comes with several signature moves. For players eager to experience Akuma’s in-game abilities, be prepared to harness the power of Satsui no Hado or Succumb to the inner demon.

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