Streaming platforms could be the future of the blockchain industry

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  • Streaming platforms are on the rise.
  • Disney+ is doing better than ever.
  • Many blockchain video platforms exist.

Streaming platforms could be the future of the blockchain industry

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Streaming platforms are soaring as cinemas are forced to shut down because of government lockdowns. People find comfort in watching shows from home and enjoy the ease of streaming whatever they want to watch whenever they want to watch it.

Netflix, Now Tv, YouTube, and Amazon Prime have risen significantly in popularity lately, making TV channels a thing of the past.  Looking at the surge in the value of Disney +, it is clear that there is money to be made through streaming sites.

Only a year ago, Disney launched its new streaming site. The streaming service that Disney has launched has become the focal point where it gathers most of its money.

Disney + is excelling with 86 million subscribers, according to CNN. The company has been on an upward incline because by the end of last quarter they had 74 million views, so it has gained more than 10 million new watchers.

With success in-demand, Disney plans to raise its prices, but higher prices will only make room for cheaper platforms to rise. Blockchain is slowly catching up, and given how ripe this sector is for the taking, it is only a matter of time before we see blockchain streaming platforms climb up even more.

What is on the rise

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There are many technologies on the rise.

Rize is a social video app powered by blockchain. The cool thing about this technology is that it uses the PROPS token, making room for users to reward one another.

The company which launched Rize is called You Now, a live stream provider with 40 million users. Then there is Flixxo, which uses BitTorrent, which prevents users from using their mobile data.

Flixxo is predicted to be distributing 500 million tokens. Viewly hopes to give people with small platforms a means to earn money. Fans can support the creators with one time donations.

Viuly offers premium content as well as user-generated work. This year, the Theta Edgecast platform was released to be a cheaper alternative to streaming platforms.

Edgecast is a decentralized application built on the blockchain Theta Edge Network. The idea is the platform will be decentralized to benefit the individuals creating the content more.

The hope is that people will upload content and gain money from it. Starting as a small video provider seems to be the way to begin before challenging companies like Netflix, lets peer at a case study to test out this theory.

Case Study

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Last year, we saw blockchain live streaming service DLive reach new heights. DLive is a decentralized blockchain platform on the Lino Network.

DLive managed to grow by 67 percent in users. The streaming platform saw more traction once PewDiePie, a standout YouTuber, decided to join their platform last year.

PewDiePie signed a deal with DLive. The move was a step in the right direction to get mainstream traction because, on YouTube, PewDiePie has over 95 million subscribers.

Youtube is one of the streaming platforms that started as just a site for videos that other people have uploaded but recently, Youtube has created many series that people can pay to watch like Netflix. Starting with just uploading and playing live videos seems to be the usual way to start the journey of becoming a popular streamer. DLive could easily make the switch.

The company has five million monthly active users and more than 70,000 streamers. The organization hopes to grow beyond Amazon. The only way for DLive to conquer Amazon is to become like it but better.

Before we know it, blockchain streaming platforms will take over the current landscape with cheaper alternatives and creative ways of enabling people to participate.

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