Stellar XLM price analysis 8 July 2019; Is Stellar finally on a bullish run?

Stellar XLM has been having one of the worst two months compared to other major altcoins. It seemed like the coin was stuck in a limbo of uncertainty as the bearish sentiment seemed to be relentless.

However, the recent BTC uptick from below $11,000 seems to have triggered the long-awaited bullish run for Stellar as it’s been trading in the positive for a number of days now.

Although the coin is not at the peak it was on July 6th, where it surpassed the $0.1 resistance level, it’s still maintaining a relatively stable position on $0.104 despite a small downfall from the $0.106 high on Saturday.

XLM price chart

XLM chart by Trading View

Looking at the current market trend, it’s expected that XLM will continue its positive position for the long term as there are very few issues that could be facing altcoins in the near future.

The major Bitcoin uptick is still being anticipated, which could cause a small XLM downfall, due to Bitcoin market dominance, but it’s sure to rebound during altcoin season.

At the moment, the Stellar XLM price prediction is $0.13 by the end of 2019, and a hopeful $0.2 price break within the first quarter of 2020, as most cryptos are expected to perform extremely well next year.