StarkWare adapts to market dynamics and adjusts token unlocking


  • StarkWare adjusts token unlocking based on community input for trust.
  • Gradual release plan ensures market stability and responsiveness.
  • StarkWare’s transparency strengthens community relationships in blockchain.

StarkWare, a prominent player in the blockchain technology space, has responded to feedback from its community by announcing a revised token unlocking schedule for early contributors and investors.

 This decision, aimed at fostering trust and addressing concerns within the ecosystem, reflects the company’s commitment to transparency and responsiveness.

StarkWare’s gradual token release

After receiving valuable feedback from ecosystem partners and collaborators, StarkWare has opted to modify the token lockup schedule originally set for its early contributors and investors. This adjustment comes in response to concerns raised within the community regarding the initial unlocking process.

The revised unlocking schedule introduces a more gradual release of tokens held by early contributors and investors. Initially, only 0.64% of the total tokens will be unlocked significantly less than the originally planned 13.4%.

 This cautious approach ensures a phased release, mitigating potential market impacts while demonstrating StarkWare’s commitment to responsible token distribution.

StarkWare’s extended token-unlocking plan

Under the new plan, the gradual unlocking will continue at a rate of 0.64% monthly. Subsequently, the pace will increase to 1.27% monthly for the following 24 months 

This extended timeline provides greater predictability and stability, allowing stakeholders to anticipate token releases over an extended period.

The adjusted schedule anticipates a significant decrease in the unlocking of tokens held by early contributors and investors. Approximately 580 million tokens are expected to be unlocked, compared to the previously projected 2 billion.

 This reduction reflects StarkWare‘s responsiveness to community feedback and its commitment to aligning token unlocking with market dynamics.

Looking ahead, an additional 1.4 billion tokens will be gradually unlocked, followed by another 1.5 billion. The final 380 million tokens are slated for unlocking.

 This staggered approach balances the need for liquidity with the importance of maintaining token value and market stability.

Community engagement and transparency

StarkWare’s decision to revise its token unlocking schedule underscores the company’s commitment to community engagement and transparency. By actively listening to feedback and adapting its strategies accordingly, StarkWare aims to build trust and confidence among its stakeholders.

StarkWare‘s announcement of a revised token unlocking schedule reflects its dedication to addressing community concerns and fostering a transparent and responsible approach to token distribution.

The phased release strategy, extended timeline, and decreased unlocking forecast demonstrate StarkWare’s commitment to aligning its actions with the interests of its ecosystem. Through ongoing communication and engagement, StarkWare aims to build a foundation of trust and collaboration within the blockchain community.

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