Star Trek Fans Call for Removal of Section 31 in Upcoming Movie


  • Star Trek fans want Section 31 gone from the new movie.
  • Fans think Section 31 got too much spotlight, and it’s time to say goodbye.
  • A Reddit user suggests erasing Section 31 from the timeline for a fresh start.

Star Trek, the iconic science fiction franchise, has long been a source of fascination and debate among fans. One of the most contentious topics within the Star Trek community is the inclusion of Section 31 in the franchise’s canon. Initially introduced as a clandestine division within the Federation, Section 31 operates in secrecy, conducting covert operations to safeguard Federation interests. However, its presence has sparked considerable disagreement among fans.

While some enthusiasts appreciate the complexity that Section 31 adds to the narrative and its exploration of moral ambiguity, others vehemently oppose its inclusion. They argue that Section 31’s portrayal undermines the core ethos of Star Trek, which typically embodies an optimistic vision of the future. This divide has only intensified as the franchise expanded with newer series such as Discovery and Picard.

Section 31’s role has expanded with each new iteration, raising further questions and criticisms. Detractors argue that its portrayal in these newer series deviates too far from its original conception, thereby diluting its impact and significance within the overarching narrative of Star Trek. Thus, the inclusion of Section 31 remains a contentious topic, reflecting the ongoing tension between innovation and tradition within the Star Trek fandom.

Radical proposal emerges on social media

In a daring and bold move, a Reddit user going by the moniker “silly-er” has put forward an intriguing proposition to address the complex issue surrounding Section 31 within the Star Trek franchise. Their proposal suggests a radical solution: to feature the dismantling and erasure of the clandestine organization from the very fabric of the franchise’s timeline in the upcoming Section 31 movie. This suggestion has ignited a genuine and passionate debate among fans, sharply dividing opinions.

Some enthusiastically support the idea on one side of the spectrum, viewing it as a necessary and refreshing departure from the status quo. They argue that Section 31’s narrative trajectory has reached its zenith, and any attempts at salvaging or reforming the organization within the constraints of a single film would be a Herculean task fraught with pitfalls. Instead, they advocate for a definitive and decisive conclusion to Section 31’s storyline, liberating the franchise from its lingering shadow and enabling it to chart a new course unburdened by its controversial presence.

Conversely, there are voices of skepticism and caution, expressing reservations about the feasibility and potential ramifications of such a drastic narrative maneuver. They warn against the dangers of tampering with established canon and fear that erasing Section 31 from the timeline could have far-reaching repercussions for the broader Star Trek universe. Furthermore, they contend that the portrayal of Section 31 in recent franchise iterations may deviate from its original conception but argue that this evolution adds layers of complexity and intrigue to the storytelling.

The crux of the debate revolves around the balance between honoring the franchise’s rich history and embracing the need for innovation and evolution. While some advocate for a clean break with the past, others argue for a more nuanced approach that acknowledges the complexities of navigating the ever-expanding Star Trek universe. Ultimately, the fate of Section 31 and its impact on the franchise’s future remains a heated discussion, reflective of the passionate and deeply invested fanbase that propels Star Trek into uncharted territories.

Implications for Star Trek Canon

The proposal to remove Section 31 from the franchise’s timeline raises significant questions about the future direction of Star Trek. If implemented, it would represent a major departure from the established canon and could have far-reaching implications for future storytelling. However, it could also allow the franchise to explore new themes and narratives untethered from Section 31’s shadowy presence constraints.

Some fans argue that Section 31 has outlived its usefulness as a storytelling device and that its removal would allow the franchise to refocus on its core themes of exploration, discovery, and cooperation. Others, however, caution against such a drastic move, fearing that it could alienate long-time fans and undermine the integrity of the Star Trek universe.

As discussions surrounding the Section 31 movie continue to unfold, fans eagerly await news of its development and casting. Whether or not the filmmakers heed the calls for Section 31’s removal remains to be seen. However, one thing is clear: the passionate debate among fans underscores the enduring significance of Star Trek as a cultural phenomenon and the importance of preserving its legacy for future generations.

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