Spore.Bio Secures €8M Funding for Pathogen Detection Device – Dec 12, 2023


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  • Paris-based startup Spore. Bio secures €8 million for its real-time pathogen detection device, revolutionizing consumer product safety.
  • The device offers almost real-time insights, reducing cross-contamination risks and lowering manufacturing costs.
  • Backed by top-tier investors, Spore. Bio plans global expansion to enhance consumer goods’ safety and quality.

In a significant development for the consumer goods industry, Paris-based startup Spore. Bio has secured €8 million in pre-seed funding for its pioneering pathogen detection device. The company’s breakthrough technology promises to revolutionize the safety and quality of consumer products, potentially impacting industries ranging from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

A game-changing innovation

Spore. Bio, founded in 2023 by Amine Raji (CEO), Maxime Mistretta (CTO), and Mohamed Tazi (COO), has unveiled the world’s first real-time pathogen detection device designed for use on factory floors. This cutting-edge technology leverages advanced machine learning models to identify bacterial concentrations in various consumer products accurately.

Accelerating quality control

Traditionally, quality sampling in manufacturing processes has been time-consuming, often taking up to twenty days with samples sent to external labs. Spore. Bio’s device, however, offers a game-changing solution by providing almost real-time insights. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination and lowers costs for manufacturers. Moreover, it enables them to proactively address potential sources of contamination before they pose public health hazards.

Impressive backing

Spore. LocalGlobe, a UK-based venture capital firm renowned for successful investments in companies such as TransferWise, Zoopla, and Robinhood, led Bio’s recent funding round. The participation of top-tier investors and experts in artificial intelligence (AI), fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), and related industries underscores the transformative potential of this technology in enhancing consumer goods safety.

A global expansion on the horizon

With an oversubscribed waitlist for prototypes, Spore. Bio has ambitious plans for global expansion in the coming year. This expansion is expected to profoundly impact the safety and quality of consumer goods worldwide, benefitting both manufacturers and consumers alike.

Amine Raji is the CEO and co-founder of Spore. Bio envisions a future where microbiology is redefined by 21st-century technology. He emphasizes the growing risks associated with pathogens in fast-moving consumer goods and the need for innovative solutions. Raji points out that their unique combination of AI expertise and deep knowledge in the field positions them to bring about transformative change.

Enhancing public health

Julia Hawkins, General Partner at LocalGlobe, commends Spore. Bio’s innovation for combining photonics and AI to achieve real-time bacterial detection. She underscores the importance of ensuring consumer products are free from harmful bacteria, highlighting the technology’s potential to contribute to a safer and healthier society.

A step toward safer consumer goods

Spore. Bio’s €8 million pre-seed funding represents a significant leap forward in pursuing safer consumer goods. With their pioneering real-time pathogen detection device, this French startup is poised to revolutionize quality control in manufacturing. Backed by top-tier investors, Spore. Bio is on track to address the growing concerns surrounding bacterial contamination in fast-moving consumer goods.

Spore. Bio’s groundbreaking technology is set to usher in a new era of safety and quality assurance in the consumer goods industry. With substantial funding and a global expansion plan, the company is well-positioned to make a lasting impact. As consumer safety continues to be a paramount concern, Spore. Bio’s innovation represents a significant step toward ensuring that products on store shelves are free from harmful pathogens, ultimately benefiting consumers and manufacturers alike.

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