Spore.Bio: AI-Powered Real-Time Pathogen Detection in Food Safety


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  • Spore.Bio’s AI-powered pathogen detection device offers real-time results, enhancing food safety.
  • The company secured €8 million in pre-seed funding, highlighting investor confidence.
  • Competition from PathogenDX underscores the growing importance of rapid pathogen detection in the food industry.


PARIS, FRANCE – December 12, 2023 – Food safety has long been a top priority for consumers worldwide. Traditionally, ensuring the cleanliness of food processing factories has been a time-consuming process involving microbiological testing. However, a French startup, Spore.Bio is poised to revolutionize the industry with its innovative pathogen detection device that harnesses Generative AI technology for real-time detection of harmful microbes. This groundbreaking solution has the potential to significantly enhance food safety protocols and streamline the process of safeguarding our food supply from dangerous pathogens.

A game-changing technology

Spore.Bio’s pathogen detection device stands out as a game-changing technology in the food processing industry. Unlike conventional methods that rely on petri-dish-based microbiological monitoring and sending samples to laboratories for analysis, Spore.Bio’s system employs Generative AI to illuminate various surfaces within food processing facilities. It rapidly identifies harmful microorganisms by comparing the results with a vast database of training data collected from typical microbes found in these environments.

The innovation lies in the device’s ability to provide nearly real-time results, in stark contrast to the 5-20 days typically required for conventional laboratory testing. This swift detection capability not only saves time but also enables food factories to take immediate corrective actions if any contamination is identified. This proactive approach reduces the risk of contaminated products reaching consumers.

Securing pre-seed funding

Spore.Bio’s groundbreaking technology has garnered significant attention from investors, resulting in the successful raising of €8 million in pre-seed funding. Leading the investment round was London’s LocalGlobe VC, with participation from EmergingTech Ventures, No Label Ventures, Famille C (Clarins Family Office), Better Angle, LocalGlobe, Plug&Play Ventures, Entrepreneur First, Kima Ventures, Raise Sherpas, Fair Equity Sharpstone Capital, and Angels.

The team behind Spore.Bio

Founded in 2023, Spore.Bio boasts a team of industry experts at its helm. CEO Amine Raji, a former Nestlé employee, brings a wealth of experience to the company. The leadership team also includes CTO Maxime Mistretta and COO Mohamed Tazi, the founder of Gymlib. With their collective expertise, the company is well-positioned to make a significant impact on the food safety landscape.

Facing competition

While Spore.Bio’s innovation is undoubtedly impressive, but it faces competition in the field. The US-based company PathogenDX has raised $11.6 million for its various pathogen detection solutions. This competition underscores the growing importance of food safety and the pressing need for rapid, reliable methods of pathogen detection.

A bright future for food safety

Spore.Bio’s pathogen detection device powered by Generative AI technology holds the promise of transforming the food processing industry. Its ability to provide real-time detection of harmful microbes could drastically reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and enhance consumer confidence in the safety of processed foods.

As the company secures pre-seed funding and contends with competition, the industry can anticipate further developments in the field of pathogen detection. With a steadfast focus on innovation, safety, and efficiency, Spore.Bio is well-positioned to contribute to a future where food processing facilities can maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, ensuring the products we consume are safe and free from harmful pathogens.

Spore.Bio’s pioneering approach to food safety through Generative AI technology is a significant leap forward in ensuring the safety of our food supply. By providing almost real-time pathogen detection in food processing facilities, the company is poised to revolutionize industry practices, reduce risks to consumers, and bolster confidence in the safety of processed foods. With robust pre-seed funding and a team of seasoned experts, Spore.Bio is primed to make a lasting impact on the food safety landscape.

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