Blockchain ID firm Spherity joins Blockrocket Accelerator

Blockchain ID firm Spherity joins Blockrocket Accelerator

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Spherity joins Blockrocket Accelerator in a bid to develop internet of things (IoT) based identification (ID) solutions in the European Union. European Blockchain Labs or Blockrocket supports startups in the European Union area, especially ones operating in the digital ledger (DLT) and blockchain realm. Spherity provides blockchain-based ID management services.

Blockrocket is known to welcome industry disruptors who leverage on innovative technologies to create next-gen solutions. Whether it is the financial realm or the automotive sector, it is a name to reckon with as a startup accelerator. Spherity will work towards increasing its client base while working on its blockchain development models.

Spehrity joins Blockrocket to mature into a world-class blockchain solutions provider

Spherity joins Blockrocket to start a six-month program where it will focus on its growth curve and validate its rising number of business cases. The program will include three prominent phases, namely problem/solution, validation and traction, and finally, story and fundraising. When Spehrity joins Blockrocket, the idea is to quickly mature into a next-gen blockchain service provider that will ensure its long-term growth.

The Blockrocket Accelerator will conduct training workshops, provide networking opportunities, and mentor Spherity in its scaling efforts.

The firm will focus on boosting its value proposition in the decentralized market. Its customer-centric models will be put to the test. Lastly, the broad advisory and networking expertise will aim to position Spherity as a next-gen blockchain brand.

Blockrocket has helped many firms make their mark

Blockrocket Accelerator program has helped many startups create a foothold in the industry. Avaloq, Maker, Innogy Innovation Hub are some of the names who have benefitted from their value-driven programs. When Spherity joins Blockrocket, it can certainly hope to look at some established alumni.

Decentralized identity management solutions will power the next wave of internet security solutions. From IoT to the enterprises of the future, secure ID management solutions provide a safe platform for their workforce. Spherity joins Blockrocket to create blockchain ID management solutions for industries including pharma, automotive, defense, education, and more.

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