Spark, a Next-Gen NFT Marketplace, announces completion of Seed Raise raising $780,000

Spark NFTs

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  • Spark has announced a seed raise campaign to ensure that it solves the existing problems related to NFTs whitelisting and minting.
  • The campaign continued with success and has closed with the raise of $780,000, as per the official sources.
  • The progress will continue as Spark intends to launch SPRK token in the H1 phase.

The NFTs market is growing, with a record number of investors pouring their capital to mint and purchase NFTs. As a result, the number of complications related to NFTs is increasing. The solution can be sought through dedicated organizations such as Bluewheel Capital that sort out the issues and present proper solutions.

Spark is also one of a kind that is currently working on Avalanche and offering NFTs-related solutions. The main focus of this marketplace is looking for solutions to the pre-scheduled minting of NFTs and the related issues. As this problem is solved, it will present the transparent valuation of NFTs and ensure fair play in the market.

Seed Raise Campaign for Spark

Spark was launched recently in the market to tackle the problems arising from the boom of the NFT market. The Co-CEO of Spark is Joshua Verheul, working on Web 3.0 solutions and has vast experience in the market. Verheul had announced the launch of the seed raise campaign, which received warm support from leading names in the market like Bluewheel Capital, Genesis Block Ventures, Pluto Digital Assets, Block Pioneers, Moonrock, Contango, etc.

The reason for the interest of Bluewheel Capital and other investment firms was the pressing problems that the market faces. These problems need immediate attention from experts because of the subsequent issues they create. Spark attracted the attention of tech experts because of the mechanism that it had announced, i.e., Fair Prediction Launches (FPLs).

The mentioned mechanism will help predict NFTs drops resulting from different reasons. Once this mechanism is adopted and implemented, it will help bring precision in predictions while not compromising the quality of outcomes. Thus, this mechanism is aimed at bringing stability to the market. Spark CEO referred to it as beneficial to the whole ecosystem instead of bringing profits to a single marketplace or group.

The seed raise campaign continued, and it is reported that it has achieved its goal of raising the required amount in a record period.

Spark Raises $780,000 in the Seed Raise Campaign

Spark is a complete package for NFTs and crypto enthusiasts. For this reason, the investors found it a worthy investment as it will bring tremendous profits to the market and the investors. Spark aims to integrate with the metaverse, which will make possible the arrangement of prediction games and events that will bring authenticity to the market.

It will help like-minded enthusiasts join communities of mutual interest and share their ideas. The pros of it don’t end here. Rather, there will be rewards and other gains for participating in activities. The marketing lead of this project expressed hopes that the investments would help create a fair, transparent, and interactive environment in the NFT marketplace.

Along with this, the mentioned project will also support new initiatives in the market. As the marketplace grows, it will bring together community and creators, helping the creators have an insight into the market situation. Spark also intends to launch the SPRK token in H1, which will help launch a new era for NFTs. 

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