GamesPad Exclusive NFTs Available Now On OKEx NFT Exchange Establishing Powerful Partnership


OKEx NFT lists GamesPad’s exclusive NFT collection on their leading NFT marketplace.

As the world saw the skyrocketing popularity of NFTs in 2021, cryptocurrency as a whole increased in interest and became the hot topic of every conversation. NFTs are digital items built on a blockchain and designed to be unique. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies whose units are means to be interchangeable, NFTs are fixed, unchanging, and create true ownership over data. NFTs store data on a blockchain, this enables the data to be stored as filed containing media, including images, videos, and audio, and in certain circumstances physical objects.

Specialized marketplaces have been designed to allow the buying and selling of NFTs. The ability for an NFT to be truly unique is unlike any other digital asset before it. Online ownership is turning a new page for data, media, and other digital objects. With the growing interest of NFTs, crypto enthusiasts are turning to new modes of investments, following a booming market that backs up the hype. NFT transactions have risen from an incredible $40.96 million in 2018 to $338.04 million in 2020. That’s an astonishing increase of over 8x in two years.

GamesPad, a holistic gaming ecosystem, launched at the end of 2021 to rave popularity and perpetuate the exciting narrative around an increasing trajectory for the future of NFTs. This first-of-its-kind gaming, NFT, and metaverse system approach the crypto play-to-earn industry from a holistic perspective, providing support and promotion for projects that propel the industry forward, pushing to new limits within investment marketplaces.

NFTs encompass a wide range of cultural interests including art, gaming, and the metaverse, where sales in each category exceed $10 million in 2021, and where total sales equal approximately $55.3 million per year. As the chatter around NFTs progresses forward into more mainstream conversations, the stand-out pillars of the industry, like GamesPad, are going to help set a strong foundation for the evolution of cryptocurrency to soar.

As the power of an NFT is only as strong as the community that supports it, the same goes for the marketplace that hosts it. A strong value project thrives on an exchange like OKEx NFT, which provides the most options for traders at every level, a truly ideal place for GamesPad to approach a worldwide audience.

GamesPad Showcases Exclusive NFT Collection

As much as the crypto community was excited by the launch of the GamesPad ecosystem, enthusiasts were even more thrilled when the project released an innovative and exclusive collection of NFTs which coincide with their promising investment opportunities. The collection features five intricately crafted designs, created by world-class designers. The style of GamesPads NFT collection is a sleek and futuristic aesthetic, tying the physical world and the world of technology together in a dynamic expression.

Each of the five unique NFTs represents an investment tier within GamesPad and depending on the level of investment, the buyer receives a corresponding NFT and $GMPD token. Each NFT is a vision of a future where cyborgs and robots mix with the innate emotions of humans to create a synergistic blend, with the power of potential expressed through thoughtful and intricate artwork.

With 20 years of combined industry experience, the team behind the creation of GamesPad NFTs is an elevated group of designers and creators. This high level of expertise provides for an elevated NFT that is as much a collector’s item as it is a profitable digital asset. Whatever type of investment a buyer is interested in pursuing, the GamesPad NFT collection is an ideal choice.

A Collaboration Takes The Spotlight 

As an exciting partnership to begin the new year, GamesPad NFTs was listed on OKEx NFT, where this exclusive collection will be available to be bought, sold, and traded by interested buyers. OKEx ultra-accessible and streamlined exchange is the perfect platform for NFTs to shine in the spotlight. The five GamesPad NFTs will be available as follows:


Amount: 4000 BOT NFTs


Amount: 1500 Cyborg NFTs


Amount: 250 Android NFTs


Amount: 100 Humanoid NFTs

Crypto Ninja

Amount: 60 Crypto Ninja NFTs

OKEx NFT Exchange And Accessible MarketPlace

OKEx is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency spot and derivative exchanges. Founded in 2017, OKEx aims to reshape the future of the financial ecosystem using innovatively adopted blockchain technology. Offering some of the most diverse and sophisticated products, solutions, and trading tools on the market today, OKEx is trusted by over 20 million users in over 180 regions around the world. Working to provide an engaging platform that helps empower everyday individuals to explore the world of crypto, OKEx created an NFT marketplace where users can discover, buy and sell crypto-collectibles and assets for nonfungible tokens (NFTs) or even create their own. OKEx NFT is ready to grow and expand alongside the progressing NFT industry, following it towards growing success.

NFTs Are A Smart Investment Today And For The Future

A currency becomes real when the community that uses it believes in its importance and holds its value. As the hype around cryptocurrency and NFTs unfold into a more mainstream narrative, solid foundational projects and bold exchange marketplaces will shine in the spotlight. With a strong core and pillar mentality, GamesPad ecosystem joins forces with the impressive crypto exchange OKEx NFT, to create a highly impressive collaboration. Every type of investor, from novice enthusiast to pro venture capitalist can discover a solid investment opportunity in this partnership. 

The future of Defi is bright, and the foundational pillar companies who believe in building a strong industry with depth and inspiration are the perfect place to make strategic investments. GamesPad NFTs are a prime choice, with their high-potential and collectible qualities, and using OKEx’s trusted exchange is a win-win all the way around.

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