Spanish government’s X account hunts for airdrops amid hack speculations


  • The Spanish government’s embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina was a topic on X after its account was seen hunting for airdrops.
  • Lack of phishing links and global precedents.

The Spanish embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina has recently become a topic of discussion within the crypto community due to peculiar activity on its official social media account. There are suspicions that the embassy’s account may have been compromised, as it engaged with various crypto projects, asking for details related to airdrops, upgrades, and launchpads.

Spanish government’s X account under fire for hunting airdrops

One instance that caught the attention of onlookers occurred when the embassy’s X account, which has since been deleted, responded to a post from the WEN memecoin page on January 30. The X account asked, “When Jupiter Snapshot?” This was not an isolated incident, as the embassy’s account continued to interact with numerous crypto projects, including Beam, Hex, De.Fi 2.0, Dymension, Frame, Monad, Router Protocol, Phantom, SatoshiVM, and StarHeroes. In total, the Spanish embassy’s X account sent 41 crypto-related comments in the last 24 hours, expressing interest and seeking information.

At this time, a significant number of these posts were subsequently deleted. As of the latest update, 20 responses from the embassy’s account remain visible on X. What makes this situation intriguing is the absence of phishing links in the messages. While the engagement with crypto projects is unusual for an official embassy account, the lack of scammy links has led some observers to question the nature of the activity. A pseudonymous X user, “LeonBlockchain,” humorously noted that there were no phishing links and suggested checking the embassy’s timeline for entertainment.

Lack of phishing links and global precedents

It is essential to highlight that, before January 29, the Spanish embassy’s X account had not shared any crypto-related comments. The sudden surge in activity has raised questions about the security of the embassy’s social media account and whether it fell victim to a hacking incident. The incident is reminiscent of other high-profile security breaches on social media platforms. Notably, on January 9, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) faced a similar situation when its X account was hacked.

The attacker posted false information about the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF. The SEC quickly acknowledged that its account had been compromised due to a SIM swap attack. While it remains unclear whether the Spanish embassy’s X account was genuinely hacked or if there is another explanation for the crypto-related engagement, the incident underscores the vulnerability of official social media accounts, especially those associated with government entities.

As the cryptocurrency space continues to gain attention, these occurrences serve as a reminder of the potential risks associated with online platforms and the importance of implementing robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive accounts. The Spanish embassy’s foray into the crypto world through its social media account has generated intrigue and speculation. The unusual engagement, coupled with the deletion of some posts, has fueled discussions about the security of official accounts and the need for vigilance in safeguarding them against potential compromises.

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