Javier Milei’s administration withdraws crypto tax breaks amid congressional debate


  • The Argentine government, led by President Javier Milei, has removed the provision for tax benefits on cryptocurrency declarations from the omnibus bill due to a lack of consensus in Congress.
  • The original bill proposed a tax incentive for citizens to declare previously undeclared assets, including cryptocurrencies, with a favorable tax rate.
  • This legislative change underscores Argentina’s cautious approach to integrating cryptocurrencies into its economic framework, balancing innovation with regulatory clarity.

The Argentine government under Javier Milei has made a pivotal adjustment to its legislative approach towards cryptocurrency taxation. This adjustment was encapsulated in the latest omnibus bill, “Law of Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines,” presented to Congress.

Under President Javier Milei’s leadership, the bill originally included provisions for Argentine citizens to declare ownership of previously undeclared assets, including cryptocurrencies. These provisions aimed at fostering economic freedom and streamlining the asset declaration process.

Policy reversal amid legislative challenges

The decision to exclude cryptocurrency from the advantageous tax declaration opportunities initially proposed in the Omnibus bill has been attributed to a lack of consensus within Congress. Guillermo Francos, the Minister of Interior, highlighted the urgency of implementing economic reforms as a driving factor behind this legislative shift. The original tax framework suggested a progressive tax scheme, where assets up to $100,000 in value could be declared at a 0% tax rate, with a sliding scale of up to 15% for additional values. This proposal was seen as a step towards simplifying the tax obligations for Argentine citizens, especially in the dynamic and evolving landscape of cryptocurrency investment and ownership.

Implications for crypto holders and the Argentine economy

The Argentine government recognizes the sale of cryptocurrencies and the resulting earnings as taxable events, underscoring the country’s approach to cryptocurrencies as financial assets. This classification entails a specific tax percentage, which varies based on the asset’s location and is calculated based on its market value at the end of each year. The recent legislative developments, however, signify a more cautious approach to integrating cryptocurrencies into the nation’s formal economic framework.

The withdrawal of crypto from the omnibus bill’s tax opportunities does not only reflect the complexities of achieving legislative consensus but also indicates a strategic recalibration in addressing the economic implications of digital assets. This move comes on the heels of an emergency executive order issued by President Javier Milei aimed at deregulating several sectors, including the provision for lease contracts to be denominated and settled in Bitcoin.

As Argentina navigates the challenges of incorporating digital currencies into its economic and legislative paradigms, the government’s actions signal a careful balance between promoting innovation and ensuring regulatory clarity. This development is a key indicator of the evolving stance on cryptocurrencies within the Argentine legal and economic landscape, with potential ramifications for both domestic and international investors.

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