Six key takeaways from the BNB Chain Tech Roadmap 2023

BNB Chain Tech Roadmap 2023

TL;DR Breakdown

  • BNB Chain unveiled a comprehensive technical roadmap to bolster its network decentralization, infrastructure for sidechains, etc.
  • The developers of the largest blockchain in the world are committed to scalability and enhancing user experience while bolstering a decentralized structure.

In a recent blog post, BNB Chain unveiled a comprehensive technical roadmap to bolster its network decentralization, infrastructure for sidechains, and storage network to augment performance and efficiency this year. These are the six vital takeaways from the BNB Chain Tech Roadmap 2023.

Scalability— the long-term goal

One of the main impediments of blockchain technology is the ability to process transactions faster. BNB Chain is teaming up with the Ethereum community to construct a high-performance EVM-compatible client for BSC. It will also take advantage of modern technologies such as ZKP, Optimistic Rollups, and modular blockchains to provide cost-efficient, scalable, and secure solutions for decentralized applications that can reach millions of users.

Increased validator count to 100

According to the blog post, BNB Chain aims to increase its validator count to 100. It is essential to know that they have been lots of criticism surrounding the lack of decentralization and validator count of the BNB Chain. While its growth to 100 is an improvement, it remains far from matching the decentralized nature of other networks.

New storage network on the BNB Chain

BNB Chain will provide a more feasible solution by introducing a new storage network, aptly dubbed the BNB Greenfield. However, this initiative is set to revolutionize data ownership and enable a digital economy of user-generated content exchange, personal data markets, and digital publishing.

Improved user experience and security

According to the blog post, BNB Chain aims to enhance user experience. The platform is set to introduce improved cross-chain solutions, bolster security with AvengerDAO 2.0, and develop smart wallets through MPC and Account Abstract collaboration with their partners in the community.

Better mass adoption infrastructure

The BNB Chain hosts numerous gaming projects and all these projects, and these projects work hand-in-hand to improve infrastructure and UX. In its 2023 tech roadmap, the BNB Chain declared that it wants to ensure that public infrastructure is top-notch and offers foundational building blocks for large-scale applications.

Better BNB SideChain for big brands and names

In 2022, BNB Sidechain proudly unveiled its modular framework for the PoSA side chain that was designed and presented by Ankr and NodeReal. This platform is specifically tailored to fit large companies who wish to create their ecosystem; it comes with complete Ethereum compatibility (EVM) and utilizes the PoSA consensus protocol. Not only that, but this system also works exceptionally well in permissioned or consortium blockchains.

Although the BNB Chain hosted some pilots in 2022, such as Ankr’s MetaApes and FNCY Chain (supported by NodeReal), the App Sidechain solution is still insecure and lacks liquidity. However, this issue isn’t limited to L1s with sidechain solutions: Avalanche subnets and Polygon supernets all similarly experience this challenge.

According to its roadmap for 2023, the BNB Chain aims at making its SideChain more suitable for trusted big brands and names.

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Damilola Lawrence

Damilola Lawrence

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