SIX Digital Exchange and DLT Finance Join Forces to Enhance Crypto Trading

SIX Digital Exchange and DLT Finance Join Forces to Enhance Crypto Trading

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  • SIX Digital Exchange and DLT Finance have announced a strategic partnership to enhance crypto trading, with SDX providing custodian and staking services and DLT Finance focusing on brokerage and trading through its subsidiary.
  • This collaboration aims to create an end-to-end solution for regulated crypto trading, brokerage, and custody services, targeting institutional clients and fostering a more secure, regulated European ecosystem for cryptocurrencies and digital securities.

In a move that is set to reshape the landscape of cryptocurrency trading, SIX Digital Exchange (SDX), a subsidiary of the SIX Group specializing in crypto services and infrastructure, has announced a strategic partnership with DLT Finance, a BaFin-licensed trading and brokerage firm. 

The collaboration is poised to significantly enhance the range and quality of crypto and brokerage services available to institutional clients.

Revolutionizing crypto services through strategic partnership

The partnership between SDX and DLT Finance is not just a mere collaboration but a strategic fusion aimed at bolstering the existing services offered by both entities. SDX, already a prominent player in the crypto services sector, is set to take on the role of a custodian and staking provider. Meanwhile, DLT Finance, through its subsidiary DLT Securities GmbH, is expected to become a key player in brokerage and trading services.

The collaboration is seen as a major step forward in the crypto trading industry, particularly for institutional clients who are increasingly seeking access to regulated cryptocurrency markets. The partnership is strategically positioned to meet the dynamic needs of these institutional investors, offering them a gateway to a fully regulated trading environment.

Creating a comprehensive crypto trading ecosystem

One of the most significant aspects of the partnership is the creation of an end-to-end solution for clients. By combining DLT Finance’s expertise in regulatory-compliant trading and brokerage with SDX’s capabilities in crypto custody and post-trade services, the partnership is set to offer a seamless and efficient pathway for regulated trading, brokerage, and custody services. The integrated approach is particularly appealing to banks and financial institutions looking to expand their footprint in the digital asset space.

The collaboration is expected to foster a more secure and regulated ecosystem for cryptocurrencies and digital securities across Europe, addressing the growing demand for reliable and technologically advanced crypto trading solutions.

Leadership perspectives on the collaboration between SIX and DLT finance

Stephan Kunz, head of SDX Web3 Services, emphasized the commitment of SDX to lead innovation in the digital asset industry. He highlighted that the partnership with DLT Finance reinforces SDX Web3’s position as a premier crypto service provider in Switzerland. Kunz pointed out that the collaboration underscores SDX’s role as a comprehensive resource for financial institutions looking to broaden their digital asset operations.

On the other side, Marius Sewing, Co-founder of DLT Finance, expressed that the collaboration is rooted in the shared values of security, reliability, and technological excellence between the two institutions. He noted that the partnership is crucial in the pursuit of a more secure and regulated pan-European ecosystem for cryptocurrencies and digital securities.


The strategic partnership between SIX Digital Exchange and DLT Finance marks a significant milestone in the evolution of cryptocurrency trading services. By leveraging each other’s strengths, these two institutions are set to offer unparalleled services in crypto trading, brokerage, and custody, particularly catering to the needs of institutional clients. The collaboration not only signifies a leap forward in regulated crypto trading but also demonstrates the potential for innovative partnerships to drive the industry forward. As the digital asset landscape continues to evolve, such collaborations will likely play a pivotal role in shaping the future of cryptocurrency trading and investment.

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